Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama In Wisconsin Raising Money For Embattled Republicans

This message come via email from The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, who are in Wisconsin fighting the good fight:

Friends, we’ve sent a team to Wisconsin to fight back against Barack Obama and which are trying to RECALL six Republican legislators, and take control over the state legislature so they can both block Gov. Scott Walker’s agenda, and put the state in Obama’s “win” column for the 2012 presidential race.

Tomorrow we’ll send out our new TV ad for Wisconsin.  We’re frantically trying to raise money to get these TV ads seen in critical locations across Wisconsin.

Please make a contribution of  $25, $50 or $100 or, if you can afford it, a more generous contribution of $250, $500, $1,000 or more so we can fund these efforts against Barack Obama and and reach our goal.

We’re hoping 450 people can contribute $100 or more in the next 24 hours.  To support our efforts – CLICK HERE TO DONATE

It’s so important to realize that Obama’s team is up to their dirty tricks in Wisconsin so as to lay the groundwork for Obama to try to win Wisconsin for his 2012 presidential campaign.  Thanks to your help, we’re going to hand Obama, and radical leftists yet another DEFEAT in Wisconsin in just a few weeks time.

Please donate if you can.

US Ambassador to the United Kingdom AWOL For Dinner Honoring Reagan

Missing man: American ambassador Louis B Susman

Tongues are wagging in London over the absence of  the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Louis B Susman,  at the dinner celebrating Ronald Reagan’s centenary. Some are seeing it as a blatant snub.

The London Evening Standard reported:

It was one of the most glittering events of the year, attracting some of the greatest names in American and British politics.

But as the British roasted lamb and the sunny Californian chardonnay were cleared away, one notable absence was the hottest topic among guests at the Guildhall dinner in honour of Ronald Reagan‘s centenary.

Where was the American ambassador to London, Louis B Susman?

He had, it soon transpired, been invited. But despite a guest list that boasted four British Cabinet ministers, ex-Prime Minister, nine US congressmen and a senator and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, there was no sign of President Obama‘s representative in London.

And in a warm atmosphere evoking the closest days of the special Anglo-US relationship of the Eighties, the surprise at Mr Susman’s absence turned to annoyance.

“Our ambassador should be here,” said Lynn de Rothschild, the American entrepreneur who is married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and was one of Hillary Clinton‘s key fundraisers in 2008 as well as a supporter of several Republican presidential candidates. “This was an historic dinner to mark Reagan’s centenary and to celebrate him as the man who ended the Cold War. What could not be more important?

“Why is our ambassador not here on Independence Day? No excuse. How is it that America is not represented in this room by our ambassador? It is appalling that no representative of our government is in this room. This has the feel of petty partisanship.”

Susman had attended other grand centenary events, but according to the US embassy spokesman: “Ambassador Susman was pleased to be invited to the dinner but was unable to attend.”

Thus far, that has been the only explanation for his absence.

You may remember only a few months ago, Susman’s boss, Obama was being compared to Reagan after a State of the Union speech that media sycophants labeled, “Reaganesque”.

Hat tip: Brian B.

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Video: Rush Speaks At Joplin 4th of July Tea Party – “This Is A Nation Blessed By God”

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh spoke of American Exceptionalism at the 4th of July tea party in Joplin, a town that is rebuilding after suffering through devastating tornadoes in May.

 Rush  provided ice cold “Two if by Tea” for everyone in attendance.

Video via Freedom’s Lighthouse.

Transcript: Rush Limbaugh Speaks in Joplin, Missouri

See also: A Declaration of Endurance: Joplin, After Tornado, Plans July Fourth Celebration

“Revolution” was also in the air, yesterday, in Chicago, as Marxists rallied for more Socialism:

“Let’s fight like an Egyptian” is the rally call for Socialism 2011 with featured guests including Ali Abunimah, Anthony Arnove, Omar Barghouti, Todd Chretien, Paul D’Amato, Arun Gupta, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Dave Zirin and John Carlos and Paul LeBlanc to mention just a few.

Hat tip: Brian B.


Video: Jacob Turk Speaks at the 4th of July 2011 KC Tea Party

Perennial MO- 5 Republican candidate, Jacob Turk focused on big government  in his speech at the 4th of July Tea Party on the Plaza.

Turk is still mulling over another run for the US Congress in 2012. Unfortunately, the recent redistricting has made things even more difficult for him.

Congressman Emanuel (SpittleGate) Cleaver, Progressive Caucus member, and chair of the CBC, made a deal with the Missouri GOP establishment to gerrymander Turk out of the 5th district in exchange for dropping resistance to redistricting Democrat Russ Carnahan (MO-02) out of his seat altogether.

Republicans in Western MO are upset, but the Missouri GOP establishment for some inexplicable reason, has never accepted  Turk. He’s a Marine and great grassroots favorite. The redesigned 5th district does include some highly rural areas that will not be favorable to Cleaver and he won in 2010 by his lowest margin ever.


Jacob’s wife, Donna Turk took the opportunity to plug the new KC chapter of The Eagle Forum:

Also speaking at this year’s tea party was Tygrrrr Express, video here, and Dale Chaffee, AKA, Fair Tax Geezer, of the Union of Patriots, video here.


Soldier’s Angels’ Project Valour IT Remembers The Brave

Wollfe of Howling at The Moon is leading the Marine team in this years Valour IT fund raiser.

Today’s message:

Just a little early morning something for your motivation.

Remember the Fallen, Honor their Memory.

Help the Wounded.

This slide show consists of photos taken at a formal dinner at the National
Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA.

It is a beautiful presentation of the honor, commitment and pride today’s
heroes share with yesterday’s. To my Marine friends, I salute you.

Remembering the Brave

Soldier’s Angels, Valour IT
Give a little…. we have about $85,000.00 left to go.

Donations for the Marine Team can be made here.


Little Miss Attila has more news and music to kick A$$ by…..

Union Of Patriots Leader Describes How USDA “Proration” Gives Preferential Treatment To Illegal Immigrants

Dale Chaffee, AKA, Fair Tax Geezer, of the Union of Patriots gave a talk on what he characterized “the most bizarre activities of the government he’d ever heard of”, a practice he called, “downright evil”, at the Kansas City4th of July Tea Party.

Last Fall, a former union member named Lana spoke with him about a program called proration, designed by the  USDA SRS (Social Rehabilitative Services). The proration program appropriates funds to both regular citizens and illegals, but it reportedly  gives preferential treatment to illegal immigrants. Nationwide, this amounts to untold millions of dollars a day of your tax dollars:

As Chaffee mentioned in his speech, SRS proration was ended in Kansas effective July 1, 2011.

KMUW, Witchita Public Radio reported:

Kansas Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services Rob Siedlecki has announced that starting July 1 the practice of proration within the welfare office will cease as a policy in Kansas.

Members of the political group, Union of Patriots applauded the effort Wednesday saying the state could save half a million dollars per day. Union of Patriots co-founder, Dale Geezer, says there’s been scant attention given to the fact that the practice of proration will end.

He says proration is a policy designed by the USDA of evaluating eligibility within the welfare system. Geezer claims the result of proration has provided undocumented immigrants preferential treatment over what he calls legitimate citizens in Kansas.

“Today, if you are a family of four with two illegal parents and two children born here and you make $2,790 dollars, you get food stamps and sundry, other welfare benefits,” said Geezer. “However, if you happen to be a legitimate citizen and all four members of the family happen to be born here and natural citizens and you make $2,790 dollars a month, you are ineligible for any benefits. This is an absolute unadulterated outrage. It ceases in Kansas July 1.”

Union of Patriots are working on Missouri, now. Hopefully more states will soon follow suit.

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