2011 Kansas City 4th of July Tea Party (Updated w/video)

A small but lively crowd of Tea party patriots  took time out of their 4th of July to attend the tea party on The Plaza at noon, yesterday. Speakers included Jacob Turk and his wife,  Donna Turk, Fair Tax Geezer from the Union of Patriots, and Eric, AKA Tygrrrr Express.

Jacob Turk, who had no word yet on whether he’ll try again to unseat Cleaver in District 5 (recent redistricting made it even more difficult for him), gave a great speech on the abuses of big government, Donna talked about the new KC chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, and Tygrrrr Express gave us his entertaining conservative stand-up routine. (At least, that’s what I thought it was).

Videos of their speeches coming soon.

Jacob Turk

Tygrrrr Express had a request for all liberals this 4th of July:

I just drove at 3:30am this morning from Hilton Head South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia, took a flight to Atlanta and another to Kansas City, spoke at an independence rappy in KC, and am now driving to Joplin, Missouri. Rush Limbaugh is holding a relief effort event.

Meanwhile, here is my independence wish for liberals.


As we prepare to have American flags fly high and Roman candles light up the night sky, I would like to ask a favor of liberals, leftists and all others on the “progressive” side of the political spectrum.

Take July 4th off. For one day, don’t act like you. Don’t act like a stereotype of yourselves. You claim you love peace. Well enjoy peace with a huge helping of quiet next to it.

There is not a single thing any of you believe that cannot wait until July 5th.

Video of his speech:


4 thoughts on “2011 Kansas City 4th of July Tea Party (Updated w/video)

  1. I really wish I had heard of this before it was over. Oh well, I can complain to Donna Turk about it tonight! If you don’t have family responsibilities we’d love to see you in Lee’s Summit tonight at Donna’s KC MFRW meeting.


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