Union Of Patriots Leader Describes How USDA “Proration” Gives Preferential Treatment To Illegal Immigrants

Dale Chaffee, AKA, Fair Tax Geezer, of the Union of Patriots gave a talk on what he characterized “the most bizarre activities of the government he’d ever heard of”, a practice he called, “downright evil”, at the Kansas City4th of July Tea Party.

Last Fall, a former union member named Lana spoke with him about a program called proration, designed by the  USDA SRS (Social Rehabilitative Services). The proration program appropriates funds to both regular citizens and illegals, but it reportedly  gives preferential treatment to illegal immigrants. Nationwide, this amounts to untold millions of dollars a day of your tax dollars:

As Chaffee mentioned in his speech, SRS proration was ended in Kansas effective July 1, 2011.

KMUW, Witchita Public Radio reported:

Kansas Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services Rob Siedlecki has announced that starting July 1 the practice of proration within the welfare office will cease as a policy in Kansas.

Members of the political group, Union of Patriots applauded the effort Wednesday saying the state could save half a million dollars per day. Union of Patriots co-founder, Dale Geezer, says there’s been scant attention given to the fact that the practice of proration will end.

He says proration is a policy designed by the USDA of evaluating eligibility within the welfare system. Geezer claims the result of proration has provided undocumented immigrants preferential treatment over what he calls legitimate citizens in Kansas.

“Today, if you are a family of four with two illegal parents and two children born here and you make $2,790 dollars, you get food stamps and sundry, other welfare benefits,” said Geezer. “However, if you happen to be a legitimate citizen and all four members of the family happen to be born here and natural citizens and you make $2,790 dollars a month, you are ineligible for any benefits. This is an absolute unadulterated outrage. It ceases in Kansas July 1.”

Union of Patriots are working on Missouri, now. Hopefully more states will soon follow suit.

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6 thoughts on “Union Of Patriots Leader Describes How USDA “Proration” Gives Preferential Treatment To Illegal Immigrants

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  2. (Yawn)

    And in other news, man bites dog.

    Fer cryin’ out loud, this has been going on on the left coast for at least a decade!

    There really is something to be said about the charge of racist behavior against white folk in general and citizens in particular.


  3. He says it’s been going on since 1996 or 97, and even though the law says that these programs are not to be available to non citizens, it’s against the law for whistleblowers to report that it’s happening.


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