US Ambassador to the United Kingdom AWOL For Dinner Honoring Reagan

Missing man: American ambassador Louis B Susman

Tongues are wagging in London over the absence of  the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Louis B Susman,  at the dinner celebrating Ronald Reagan’s centenary. Some are seeing it as a blatant snub.

The London Evening Standard reported:

It was one of the most glittering events of the year, attracting some of the greatest names in American and British politics.

But as the British roasted lamb and the sunny Californian chardonnay were cleared away, one notable absence was the hottest topic among guests at the Guildhall dinner in honour of Ronald Reagan‘s centenary.

Where was the American ambassador to London, Louis B Susman?

He had, it soon transpired, been invited. But despite a guest list that boasted four British Cabinet ministers, ex-Prime Minister, nine US congressmen and a senator and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, there was no sign of President Obama‘s representative in London.

And in a warm atmosphere evoking the closest days of the special Anglo-US relationship of the Eighties, the surprise at Mr Susman’s absence turned to annoyance.

“Our ambassador should be here,” said Lynn de Rothschild, the American entrepreneur who is married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and was one of Hillary Clinton‘s key fundraisers in 2008 as well as a supporter of several Republican presidential candidates. “This was an historic dinner to mark Reagan’s centenary and to celebrate him as the man who ended the Cold War. What could not be more important?

“Why is our ambassador not here on Independence Day? No excuse. How is it that America is not represented in this room by our ambassador? It is appalling that no representative of our government is in this room. This has the feel of petty partisanship.”

Susman had attended other grand centenary events, but according to the US embassy spokesman: “Ambassador Susman was pleased to be invited to the dinner but was unable to attend.”

Thus far, that has been the only explanation for his absence.

You may remember only a few months ago, Susman’s boss, Obama was being compared to Reagan after a State of the Union speech that media sycophants labeled, “Reaganesque”.

Hat tip: Brian B.

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9 thoughts on “US Ambassador to the United Kingdom AWOL For Dinner Honoring Reagan

  1. I don’t find this at all surprising. Sussman’s boss — Obama, for the folks who haven’t been following the more recent election returns — is the diametric opposite of Reagan, in every way. For Sussman to attend might have been construed as evidence of disloyalty. It might have got him recalled and fired — whether he’s really a Reagan fan or not.


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  3. This is in the same class as the present to the Queen of CDs of Duh-1’s most memorable speeches.

    What a totally clueless, classless act this administration is.

    The upside of this is that they (not even Frenchy Kerry) will never again be able to claim that they should be in the WH because EVERYONE knows Republicans put off Europeans forever and only Democraps can treat Europeans as diplomatic equals.


  4. Once agian, obama and co. show their pettiness and small-minded disdain for the things that make America great.


  5. President Obama never has, and never will, learn the basic rules of foreign engagement with friends and foes, because he is incompetent and basically does not care.


  6. You will recall that Obama provided a video of himself at the 20th anniversary celebration of fall of Berlin Wall. In his taped speech…he did not mention the name “Ronald Reagan” once. How could he? It was not beneficial politically.

    End of story.
    The Worm


  7. BTW, Duh-1 will never be in the same class as Reagan as a speaker for two very, very important reasons. First, Mr. Reagan spoke from memory and his timing was great, while Mr. Obhammud teaches from a teleprompter.

    And related to that (but at least equally important), Mr. Reagan knew what he was talking about.


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