Video: Jacob Turk Speaks at the 4th of July 2011 KC Tea Party

Perennial MO- 5 Republican candidate, Jacob Turk focused on big government  in his speech at the 4th of July Tea Party on the Plaza.

Turk is still mulling over another run for the US Congress in 2012. Unfortunately, the recent redistricting has made things even more difficult for him.

Congressman Emanuel (SpittleGate) Cleaver, Progressive Caucus member, and chair of the CBC, made a deal with the Missouri GOP establishment to gerrymander Turk out of the 5th district in exchange for dropping resistance to redistricting Democrat Russ Carnahan (MO-02) out of his seat altogether.

Republicans in Western MO are upset, but the Missouri GOP establishment for some inexplicable reason, has never accepted  Turk. He’s a Marine and great grassroots favorite. The redesigned 5th district does include some highly rural areas that will not be favorable to Cleaver and he won in 2010 by his lowest margin ever.


Jacob’s wife, Donna Turk took the opportunity to plug the new KC chapter of The Eagle Forum:

Also speaking at this year’s tea party was Tygrrrr Express, video here, and Dale Chaffee, AKA, Fair Tax Geezer, of the Union of Patriots, video here.


3 thoughts on “Video: Jacob Turk Speaks at the 4th of July 2011 KC Tea Party

  1. Errr…It’s a new chapter of the Missouri Federated Republican Women, not Eagle Forum. And we’d love to have you as a member!


  2. She was talking about the new KC chapter of the Eagle Forum in her talk at the Plaza.
    I meant to come to the Rep. Women club, yesterday — but I couldn’t find it!!!
    Email me.


  3. Woops! I really should have clicked the link first. Donna Turk is a networking machine. Thank you for fixing me, and we missed you too!


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