Video: Prof. Terry Lovell Corrects Obama On US’s Oil Reserves

The President likes to lecture us on our “addiction to oil”, as seen in this address to the nation, last Dec. You only need to watch the first 30 secs to get the idea. I wouldn’t make you watch more than that..

He often repeats the stats he led with:

” After all, oil is a finite resource.  We consume more than 20 percent of the world’s oil, but have less than 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves. “

Turns out that’s a big fat lie, as Prof. Lovell and others have pointed out, the US has abundant oil reserves:

video via Trevor Loudon.

Hat tip: Brian B.


Cars II,  my review:

Don’t watch it, it’s crap. The anti-“big oil” propaganda was so blatant and so thick it completely smothered any otherwise charming attributes the movie might have had.

I wish I’d seen The Lonely Conservative’s warning. Cars II was an abomination. I may never watch another Pixar film.


7 thoughts on “Video: Prof. Terry Lovell Corrects Obama On US’s Oil Reserves

  1. You’re welcome. I really should have checked out the buzz about the movie before I went to watch it, but jeez. You think you’re going to be safe with Disney.


  2. If old Walter knew what was going on with his company today (and in the last few decades), he probably wouldn’t have created it or, if he still had, would have written it in the company’s policy law that sleaze and sleazebuckets could not be employed by the company.

    As it is, the sleaze that has run the company for years now, producing the sleaze that most parents accept as “normal” now, has found that not only does sex sell, but deviant sells even better, and has made that the “new norm.” They wouldn’t even look at “Cinderella” or “Pinnoichio” now.


  3. Didn’t see that one. But Rango had an obnoxious anti-development message that they hit you with at the end of the movie (which you could totally see coming).

    I’m not taking my kids to the movies anymore unless Hollyweird cleans up their act. I’m not interested in hearing their left-wing hectoring when I’m trying to escape at the movies..


  4. Did Santa at a mall in Hollyweird a few years ago, and I can tell you first-hand that Hollyweird’s values are not those of any self-respecting, productive member of our society. Don’t expect that change anytime probably in this millennium, ND.


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