Video: ATF Official in Mexico Says Heads of ATF and DOJ Knew About Fast and Furious

This stunning CBS exclusive from last March deserves more attention, I think. At that time, the ATF Attache in Mexico,  Darren Gil told reporter, Sharyl Attkisson that the heads of the ATF, and the DOJ  had authorized Fast and Furious. He says specifically that “The Director” knew about it. As you may know,   ATF Director Melson recently told congressional investigators that he knew nothing about the gun walking operation until the controversy erupted. And obviously, Holder has denied ordering the ATF to take “inappropriate steps, (as the President put it.)

Gil’s first inkling that something was amiss was when his ATF analyst informed him that an abnormal number of weapons  were being traced back to Phoenix, “seizure after seizure after seizure” and then he came to find out that he and his ATF cohorts were not allowed access to any information pertaining to the investigation.

In confronting this lack of transparency, he told his supervisor at ATF headquarters in Washington D.C.,  “You are sworn to the Constitution, not sworn the DOJ. You can come out and do the right thing”, and got into shouting matches with him over the phone:

“At some point these guns are going to end up killing either a government of Mexico official, a police officer, or military folks, and then what are we going to do? There was complete silence on the other end of the phone…”

He would ask repeatedly:

“When is this case going to shut down? The Mexicans are going to have a fit when they find out about it. You’re (speaking of himself, here) in Mexico… have limited diplomatic immunity…and the government is looking at you as potentially bringing weapons into their country (which in many cases is an act of war!), and  they’re already very worried about their sovereignty down there, and the ATF agents let this happen. There are agents all across Mexico, and their safety should be the number one priority, and these folks are in that much more danger, now.”

“You have guns going into a foreign country knowingly, a foreign, sovereign land…”

Indeed, now that the truth has come out, Mexico Wants to Prosecute Obama Officials.

“You would think the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee would be interested in this. And the Judiciary Committee….”

“The fact that a law enforcement agency allowed this to happen….we’re supposed to be in the business of interdicting weapons, not putting weapons out there for criminals to use, and that’s what happened in this case.”

I am starting to fear that this heinous operation was about more than just making a case for stricter gun laws…..

There are much easier ways to pass gun laws. Especially since Obama has a tendency to go around the legislative process when he doesn’t get his way. This whole thing just reeks….


Sipsey Street Irregulars with corroborating information:

Dave Workman: “‘Fast and Furious’ not a ‘renegade operation,’ sources say.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ botched Operation Fast and Furious was not a “renegade operation” but a coordinated effort “from the top down,” congressional sources and ATF insiders told the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner today. . .

According to sources close to the on-going investigations conducted by Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa, every piece of evidence unearthed so far reinforces the belief that this was a “coordinated effort” that involved individuals high up in the Obama administration. That’s why Grassley and Issa want e-mails and other materials involving a dozen current and former Justice Department officials, as this column reported.

“They knew what they were doing,” said one Grassley staffer to this column Thursday. “When we started looking into this in January, little did we know when we started what this would lead to. At first, it was too unbelievable to believe, but when you start looking into things…” . . .

Beth Levine, spokeswoman for Senator Grassley, noted via telephone this morning that the investigation is nowhere near the proverbial “bottom of this.” Grassley and Issa, with their concurrent investigations, are determined to get there.

MORE from Sipsey Street Irregulars:  Media & Congress Still Missing the Big Legal Point of the Gunwalker Scandal: it was a conspiracy to illegally export weapons to a foreign country.”

The very latest from the “WH Insider” via  Ulster Man:

‎”WH actively preparing for possible EH resignation. Tied in w/GG. JC set up to keep firewall in place. SIGNIFICANT details to break soon. Obama openly accuses senior cabinet official of acting against him on this. Another outburst. “Screaming at adviser” Critical help from media paying dividends. This WH in very serious trouble. More to come next week. You can share this if you like – want some to know. -INSIDER

Help from media? Seriously?

JC would be James Cole, who happens to be one of Gunwalker’s “Dirty Dozen”.


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13 thoughts on “Video: ATF Official in Mexico Says Heads of ATF and DOJ Knew About Fast and Furious

  1. Get this investigation going and serve supena’s for criminal acts without legistive approval against Obama & Holder! It’s time to stop these two criminal outlaw LIARS before they take it upon themselves to commit anymore crimes of illegal acts against U.S. & Mexico.


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  3. For perspective upon how far we as a country have fallen, consider that Mr. Nixon resigned for covering up a two-bit burglery he had nothing to do with, but these clowns are covering up being accessories to murder and possibly to aiding the enemy in the overthrow of a foreign government.

    While the second charge is (in relationship to our recent history) probably not that big a deal, the first should not only get this administration tossed out on its ear but tossed in jail, too.


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  5. We keep hearing that the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda are building up forces in Mexico and Obama’s Justice department is walking guns across the border of Mexico. I REALLY wonder if there’s a connection.


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  8. @Anon:
    I don’t think we need to wonder. We know this administration hates America and all she has traditionally stood for.
    And the Democrat/Media complex still covers for them.


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