Latest Gunwalker News: Will Holder Take The Fall?

Bob Owens says the sh*t’s getting real for the DOJ with the latest discovery: More ‘Gunwalker’ Emails Suggest Gun-Control Conspiracy:

Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley continue to unravel this plot. Along with the emails proving that the ATF was using “walked” guns to justify stricter gun laws, they sent a letter to embattled Attorney General Eric Holder asking the following:

  1. Is there any other evidence suggesting that ATF of DOJ officials discussed how Operation Fast and Furious could be used to justify additional regulatory authorities for the ATF? IF so, are there any such indications prior to July 14, 2010?
  2. Rather than collecting additional information on law-abiding gun owners, what steps have you taken to ensure that the ATF is better able to act on the information it already possesses to interdict the flow of firearms to criminals?

If most of the claims regarding this scandal are substantiated — and developing evidence certainly indicates a high likelihood of that happening — we face a watershed moment in American history. Every component of federal law enforcement within the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security — and most likely with the knowledge of the Department of State — undertook a massive operation designed to facilitate the flow of thousands of weapons into the hands of some of the most vicious criminal organizations on Earth. These operations likely took place with the full knowledge of cabinet level officials, and possibly the White House. The weapons “walked” were used to gun down innocent men, women, and children, not to mention the brave police officers and soldiers in each nation trying to wage peace. It demands a criminal investigation and the possible RICO prosecutionof dozens of federal law enforcement officers, supervisors, senior management, political appointees, and possibly elected officials. Our federal law enforcement apparatus became a criminal conspiracy. This was an assault on the democratic rule of law and the very essence of our republic.


A political consultant I met at the Palin premiere in Independence, MO, last night told me that in his opinion, with the media’s help, the gunwalking scandal is going to be a whitewash with maybe a few low level ATF and DOJ staffers taking the fall for the operation. As Bob Owens reports in Pravda Syndrome: MSM Can’t Stop Lying About ‘Gunwalker’, that would seem to be a valid opinion, but

Unfortunately for the administration, however, even the most loyal of media sycophants can’t cover a scandal as large as Gunwalker appears to be. The public is too well-educated, the evidence of probable criminality too blatant and widespread. The administration’s apparent plan to use gun violence to spur support for gun control efforts has become Watergate with a body count, and no amount of media deception or spin, or party misdirection, can save them from the consequences of their actions.

It’s getting bad, and going to get worse, folks.

Big Government: Grassley And Issa Should Include Obama and Clinton In Operation Fast And Furious Probe:

In the spring of 2009, both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed American gun-running for violence in Mexico’s drug wars.

“WH Insider” weighs in after laying low for weeks, via Ulster Man’s FB page:
‎”WH actively preparing for possible EH resignation. Tied in w/GG. JC set up to keep firewall in place. SIGNIFICANT details to break soon. Obama openly accuses senior cabinet official of acting against him on this. Another outburst. “Screaming at adviser” Critical help from media paying dividends. This WH in very serious trouble. More to come next week. You can share this if you like – want some to know. -INSIDER


That would be James Cole, who happens to be one of Gunwalker’s “Dirty Dozen”.

MORE about Cole, who was appointed in Dec, 2010, here:

President Barack Obama bypassed the Senate Wednesday to make six recess appointments, including a deputy attorney general whose links to the insurance giant American International Group had stalled his confirmation.

Obama first nominated James Cole to the No. 2 Justice Department post in May. But Republican lawmakers blocked his confirmation in part because of questions about his role as an independent consultant for AIG before its near collapse and government bailout in 2008. Senate Republicans complained that confidentiality agreements prevented them from receiving answers about his work for the company.

Others, including Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the judiciary committee, raised questions about statements Cole made suggesting he supported trying terror suspects in U.S. courts rather than military tribunals.

Cole is a close friend of Attorney General Eric Holder and a partner at a private Washington law firm. His appointment is one of six Obama announced from his vacation in Hawaii, including ambassadors to Turkey and Syria.


From the US Consulate General in Mexico:

July 15, 2011

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens

Threats of violence against U.S. government interests in Chihuahua

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Saturday Movie Matinee

HotAirPundit: 32nd anniv. of Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech – Obama remix:

RNC: Change!….Direction:

National Republican Convention Blog, here.

See also: Potluck: Quote of the Day – Unknown Edition:

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency.”

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Paul Ryan describing on The Greta Van Susteren Show Obama’s lack of leadership and bad faith in negotiating the budget: “I don’t think he wants to cut spending…and he wants to to raise taxes.”

See also:  Jennifer Rubin in WaPo: Paul Ryan explains the Republicans’ position:

Too often conservatives assume that the wisdom of their policies (e.g., don’t raise taxes in a recession) will carry the day. However, the need to explain the rationale for one’s views is essential in maintaining public support and keeping the base engaged. And so far, Republican leaders on the Hill have been so busy trying to craft a deal that they haven’t had time to explain why raising taxes isn’t a “balanced” approach and why the amount of the debt limit increase should be at least matched by spending cuts. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) fills that void. At the House Budget Committee Web site he explains…

Reason TV: 3 Reasons Why The Debt-Ceiling Debate is Full of Malarkey:

All anybody in Washington can talk about these days is the debt limit or debt ceiling — the total amount of money the federal government is authorized to borrow at any given time. After a decade in which spending increased by more than 60 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars and the debt limit was raised no fewer than 10 times, the government is about to max out its $14.3 trillion credit line, leading to fears that Washington is going to default on its bonds, stop cutting Social Security checks, and destroy the economy more than it already has.

But the current debate over the debt ceiling is full of malarkey for at least three reasons.

Via Big Journalism: Rubio: Obama Competing For “Title Of Worst President In American History”:

An Accuracy in Media Exclusive:

The notion that progressives better utilize new media to advance their agenda could not look more outdated today. Proof of effective conservative messaging and networking is clear. One needs to look no further than the fact that President Obama hired a Twitter guy to combat messages critical of his policies, on your dime no less. But in order to continue this trend, elected leaders and agenda setters must further engage new media platforms and citizen journalists. Thankfully, it seems that some conservatives in Washington are taking the lead.

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who originally kept a low profile despite his rock star status, has been branded as a guerilla warrior seeking to shake up Washington recently. As a result of this shift in political strategy, expect Senator Rubio to engage new media outlets more aggressively to criticize the Obama Administration and Capitol Hill.

Rubio should be on every Republican candidate’s short list for VP.

Republican Study Commission: Cut, Cap, & BALANCE – A Complete Picture:

Majority Leader Eric Cantor Discusses Cut, Cap, and Balance:

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Mark Levin Interviews Steve Bannon about The Undefeated:

I watched the film (2nd time) at the Independence, MO location  7:00 showing, last night, where the theater was filled to a 90-95% capacity. I met two gentlemen who traveled from Des Moines to watch the movie.

The word among Palinistas is she is definitely running – 100% sure – Done deal -No doubt in their minds.

New ND co-blogger, Always Fired Up’s review of the movie can be found, here, here, or here.

Gateway Pundit reports: “The Undefeated” Roars to Big Opening Day… Theaters Sell Out From Atlanta to Orange County

Hat tip to Charles B. for many of these videos.