Obama Threatens To Veto “Cut, Cap And Balance”, Meets Secretly With Republicans

House Republicans are putting Cut Cap and Balance up for a vote, tomorrow, but the plan may already be dead in the water, Michelle Malkin reports:

The president is threatening to veto House GOP conservatives’ proposal to cut spending now, cap future spending, and balance the budget.

So, to be clear, to use that over-worn Obama phrase, the White House is against Cut, Cap and Balance.

Spread the word.

Call their bluff.

WashTimes’ Emily Miller: “Obama just issued a veto threat for a bill that would give him a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase. So, who’s risking default now?”

The White House is also threatening to veto H.R. 2434, the 2012 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act which proposes $65 million in cuts to the Executive office:

“Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.” – President Obama, January 2009

In addition to threatening to veto the Cut, Cap and Balance bill (H.R. 2560), the White House is threatening to veto H.R. 2434, the 2012 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act. Among other things, the White House is arguing against a proposed $65 million budget cut to the Executive Office.

Why would that cut be bad? Because the Executive Office needs all the deficit spending it can get in order to, in part, pay people to find ways to reduce the deficit.

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While polls show that Americans overwhelmingly do. not. want. the debt ceiling raised without substantial cuts, Obama has yet to propose a plan in writing that specifies entitlement cuts he’d be willing to make. Charles Krauthammer made this point (again), while mercilessly bashing the beltway media on PBS’s Inside Washington show, Sunday:

Meanwhile, Obama is meeting secretly with Republicans, Good Cop Boehner, and Bad Cop Cantor.  Keith Koffler wonders what the secrecy is all about:

In all my time covering Washington, I’ve never heard of a secret meeting between the president and the Speaker. The openness White House has now held three of them, with more perhaps coming.

BTW, the last two were solely with Boehner. It’s clear that the House GOP caucus has insisted that Cantor come along to babysit the Speaker in case he starts to get weepy and raises taxes.

Carney today also gave a pretty explicit endorsement to the Raise the Debt Ceiling and Get Out of Town Plan by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

All the wrong sorts of people are endorsing the McConnell Plan, which is pretty good indication that it’s a loser.

Republican candidate for Prez, Thaddeus McCotter (MI) weighs in on the budget talks at Fox News: In the Debt Ceiling Mess Americans Have More Courage Than Obama and Democrats Think They Do

Amidst this debt ceiling debate, this president and his Democratic minions’ arguments have descended from “straw men” to “bogeymen” in their attempts to scare Americans.

Our seniors were told their hard-earned Social Security checks would be stopped. Our brave veterans were told the services our grateful nation provides them (never mind that there is much more we could do) could be stopped.

Our entire citizenry was told America could face an economic Armageddon.

But we Americans are more courageous than the president and Democrats credit us. Thus, we must tell President Obama and his minions to stop; join with Republicans to seize this moment to cut, cap and balance the federal budget; and start restructuring Washington Big Government into Main Street self-government.

That this President and his fear mongers would willfully inflict doubt and fear in his citizenry is deplorable, but par for the course. They will do all they can to distract from the fact that they have not once provided a single concrete plan or for serious debt reduction; and that their failed, fiscally irresponsible, economy killing policies have teed up this debt mess and holed out our economy.

Via Is This Blog On, Paul Ryan presents: Brief History of President Obama’s Fiscal Record

Despite newfound concern with the debt overhang stifling economic growth, President Obama’s record falls far short of his rhetoric.  Let’s review the decisions made by President Obama and Congressional Democrats over the past couple of years, and the disappointing results of their policy choices:

Keep reading the nightmarish trip through recent memory lane at the link.


Townhall: TOWNHALL EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan on his 2012 Budget, President Obama’s “Plan,” and the Debt Fight

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The Right Scoop: Paul Ryan: Obama vetoing Cut, Cap, and Balance is vetoing limited government


Hat tip: Brian B.

4 thoughts on “Obama Threatens To Veto “Cut, Cap And Balance”, Meets Secretly With Republicans

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  3. CUT, CAP AND BALANCE. We must do all three; after all, when homeowners have financial issues, we sit around the dinner table and figure out what expenditures can be cut from our budget, what we take in and our obligations. and and how we can prevent this from happening in the future. Isn’t the the responsible way? However, I’d expect the same responsible thinking from the WH; but I’d also make the caveat that raising the debt ceiling be a one time thing, that would expire in (let’s say a year).

    How can we make sure that Congress meets its obligations, our obligations, without overspending? An amendment to the Constitution must be passed that we create a budget every year and that it balance EVERY year. This shouldn’t need to be legislated, but Congress has not taken the initiative to do this. The American people must say to Congress, ‘this is how much money we’re going to give you this year AND NO MORE; it’s your job to figure out how to disburse it.’

    Why passing and approving a budget wasn’t done when the Democratic party had control of both houses and the Executive is beyond me. Instead, the POtUS decided to go after healthcare. A true leader would have pressed both parties and both houses to further HIS agenda.


  4. Didn’t President Obama say he intended to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term?

    Republicans should merely say they’re helping him fulfill his promise throught the CCB bill. And then, when he vetoes it, ask him why he is intent on defaulting.


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