Video: Annoyed Cantor Implores The Other Side To “Get Serious”

House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, sounding more than a little agitated,  just finished speaking on the House floor on behalf of Cut, Cap and Balance, imploring the Dems to get serious, and stop playing politics.

“House Republicans were voted into office to change the culture here in Washington, and we will not support the other side’s request or the President’s request to increase the debt without meaningful reforms to the system,” he said:



6 thoughts on “Video: Annoyed Cantor Implores The Other Side To “Get Serious”

  1. As long as the Democraps rule the Senate, and as long as the Democraps possess the WH, there will be no “meaningful reform.” Canter isn’t stupid, and should know this. ‘Course, he has to fight his own party, too.

    And if he does know this but doesn’t say so, maybe he knows he’s just part of the game the politicians are running on we, the people?

    Meaningful reform? Throw them ALL out, even the “good” ones, eliminate any and all “lifelong” appointments to the bench and appoint an entire new judiciary, and make it known that at the first hint of unscrupulous unconstitutional behavior and support will result in the immediate firing of any federal official, from the prez on down.

    Are you listening, Ms. “Drain-the-Swamp” Pelousy?

    What about you, Dingy?

    And Eric? If you’re not too busy selling guns to the cartels, maybe you should see this, too.


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