Hump Day Link-Around

Lisa Benson cartoon via Townhall

 Cut, Cap and Balance passed in the House, last night, so the ball should be in the Dems’ court, but a “gang” in the Senate (which includes Republicans) is currently negotiating a grand “compromise” which cuts some spending, someday, maybe, and includes massive tax hikes. Some compromise.

@#$% – you very much, Senate Republicans.


Chris Christie comments on the budget talks:

“I think it’s incumbent upon the President to put a plan out there”…

“The executive has an obligation to lead.”


Townhall: Surprise: The Brain Behind Democrats’ No-Plan, Class Warfare Approach Is…


Boston Herald: Prez’s vacation makes little $ense right now:

…a new Marist Poll says that for the first time ever a majority of American adults — 55 percent — will not be booking a summer vacation this year. They’re too worried about jobs and money. The “Staycation” of 2009 has morphed into the “Naycation” of 2011.

But Obama, who’s got us panicked over this debt-ceiling stalemate, will soon be off — again — to Blue Heron Farm, Martha’s Vineyard. Check out the pictures of this “farm” online. You practically drool. It looks like the centerfold of “Town & Country,” the magazine for aspiring zillionaires.

But unless Obama fixes this fiscal disaster — now — he can’t go. He should have a staycay like the rest of us.

Instead, he’ll be looking at 28 acres on the water from a pristine white Victorian farm house handsomely appointed with Restoration Hardware-style chairs and tables on an elegant patio. There’s also a reconstructed Pennsylvania hay barn dating back to the 1800s and a boat house for the Boston Whalers and catamarans to cruise Tisbury Great Pond. Plus a golf green and pool and flower gardens, vegetable gardens and apple orchard — not a droopy leaf in site. And don’t forget the basketball court.

Let’s call it a Barack-acation.


The latest in gunwalker news…

Bizzy Blog: Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself:

So I’ll let the person who sent the following to the NewsBusters email box do the talking (bolds are mine):

With Fast and Furious the Obama Administration is effectively a state sponsor of terrorism. This is a scandal of epic proportions. It includes coverups to the highest levels of government and involves the death of federal employees. In short this is Watergate on a steroids/crack cocktail. We continue to be told the media is out for controversy. What could be more controversial?

Meanwhile, a media mogul has some of his employees in one country performing some potentially illegal acts. But THIS guy owns Fox News.

So which is getting more stories and minutes devoted to it in American news, the President or Attorney General giving guns to drug cartels to kill Americans so as to attack a Constitutional Amendment, or some phone hacking and bribes by a media branch in England?

Few things are a better sign of undeniable bias.

Confederate Yankee: DOJ Pressured Gun Dealers to Supply Guns to Cartels:

Hope and change and death

Sipsey Street Irregulars:

Deputy Attorney General James Cole Involved in ‘Fast & Furious’ Whistleblower Cover-up?

The Gunwalker Scandal and Mexican Presidential Politics

NRA News: Obfuscation: Dems Push Gun Control To Hide ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal

Video of Confederate Yankee, Bob Owens interview at link.


Michelle Malkin: Obamacare Fables: The Greatest Hits Video:

Last week, I published The Ever-Expanding Catalogue of Obamacare Fables.

This week, MRCTV and BreitbartTV bring you an excellent and handy video of Obama’s favorite health care takeover tall tales in his own words.

All it needs is an “Unhappily Ever After” end page.

Watch video at link.

Hard and fast rule — whenever Obama says, “true story”, understand that he is about to lie to your face. Corollary to that rule: Whenever Obama opens his mouth, understand that he is about to lie to your face.


Another hard and fast rule: “Never trust a source as cited by Rachel Maddow.”

Newsbusters: Maddow Dishonestly Claims Texas Voter ID Law Exempts Residents with Concealed Handgun License


iOWNTHEWORLD: “At this Point, Anyone with an Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker is a Threat to the Gene Pool” – Allen West


Zombie, PJ Tatler: Tomato Protest at Trader Joe’s: Prototypical Example of Alinsky Tactics and Smug Self-Immortalization


WND: ‘Irrefutable’ proof of Obama forgery Document details show typewriter had variable type way back in 1961?


Atlas Shrugs: Holy War in Texas Escalates: Texas clerk Faces Grand Jury for Defending the Pledge, Possible Jail Time and Removal from Office

Right after the Fourth of July, I broke the story of Natalie Nichols, a newly elected county clerk in Texas, who questioned a rogue court that actually voted to remove the Pledge of Allegiance and an opening prayer from the court’s official records. She refused to do it, and made it her official stance. She now faces charges.

After my story ran on July 6 over at WND, Holy War in Texas, Natalie Nichols found herself facing Grand Jury charges and possible prison time.

Natalie’s husband told me, “Is this what we are to now expect when we dare take a stand? A public official, no doubt? Retribution for some trumpted-up mess? Prayers, please! Right now, she is alone in this here.”

Time for Texans to rally around this brave woman.


1st ever Twitter Presidential debate to start at 3:00 eastern.

Moderator: For the Twitter Prez debate we’ll be asking the candidates YOUR questions too, so tweet them to @140Townhall #140Townhall

@wepolls After the @140townhall debate, vote to say who won, or vote now to say who you think will win. #POLL:

Thanks to Brian B. for many of those links.


2 thoughts on “Hump Day Link-Around

  1. 1) “Compromise” to a Democrap is “you give some on your positions, we’ll take some on your positions; repeat process until we’ve got everything we want and you don’t have anything.” From what I’ve heard of the “Gang of Six” “compromise,” that pretty well sums it up.

    2) From what I can tell Mr. Obhammud ran for prez so he could take as many vacations as he wanted on the taxpayers’ backs. Why start whining about his vacations now?

    3) I still believe that this Congress will do nothing about the criminal acts of the Prez & A.G. in relation to “Fast and Furious,” so I implore the Mexican government to seek extradition of both in order to try them as accessories to murder, a minimum of 150 counts.

    4) The Texas ruling is simply the latest attempt by the judiciary to overturn both the intent and exact meaning of the Constitution. Judges should be dismissed for such rulings, and the ACLU should lose standing in every court system in the United States.

    An alternative to that is to make the “loser” pay in every lawsuit. It is ridiculous that, win or lose, the ACLU (or Sierra Club or whoever) gets paid by the taxpayers no matter what the decission over any of their frivolous lawsuits.


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