O’Keefe Medicaid Sting: Part II

Good grief. What does a person have to do to be ineligible for government assistance in this country?

Project Veritas asks that question in its latest investigation.

In the latest video, filmed in several Medicaid offices in South Carolina, an undercover reporter, dressed in a kilt and driving an expensive sports car, poses as an IRA terrorist.  He explains that his comrades have gunshot wounds and is in need of  twenty-five Medicaid applications.

The Medicaid case worker tells the reporter, who is identified as “Sean Murphy” that “his business is his business.  She does not probe into the nature of his work.  One of the Medicaid workers helps Murphy fill out a form and lists an injury as “shot offshore.”

A wealthy Irish drug and gun smuggling terrorist needs Medicaid for 25 foreign compatriots with gun-shot wounds. (Never-mind the IRA hasn’t been active for years)…What will the Medicaid office do????

“In this time of economic uncertainty, the American people deserve to know how their tax dollars are being wasted.” said James O’Keefe.   “This is hardly an isolated incident.  Government workers willing to aid people with criminal backgrounds and great wealth should be an outrage to every American.  After tapes were revealed yesterday of a similar investigation in Ohio, one Medicaid worker has already been put on paid administrative leave.  This should be a wake-up call for close scrutiny of the Medicaid system.”

Official Media Matters response: HOAX!!11!!! He didn’t wear the hat into the office!!!


James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles are currently being sued by the ACORN employee seen in the San Diego ACORN sting video.

A complaint filed July 7, 2010 indicates ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera (seen here in the ACORN San Diego investigation) is suing James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles in federal court for at least $75,000.  Vera alleges Giles and O’Keefe violated the Invasion of Privacy Act when they videotaped him giving advice regarding underage prostitution to the fake pimp and prostitute in 2009.

You can support Project Veritas and help O’keefe and Giles fight in court by donating here.
The Ohio Medicaid sting already seeing dividends:

AoSHQ: Ohio Orders Retraining of Medicaid Officials

Ace says retraining’s all well and good, but not enough:

No matter what the job is — even in non-bureaucratic positions — an employee’s real directive is to avoid complaints by clients and hassles from superiors and above all else not get fired.

If a system is in place — and I don’t give a fig what’s in the employee manuals; I mean the real governing system in place — has all the incentives on one side of things (here, to just give out money willy-nilly; in the Army, to just promote Muslim officers even if they were giving “psychiatric research presentations” celebrating Islamic jihad — then that is how the bureaucrats will act.

If bureaucrats began to get fired based on what we saw here in Ohio, there would at least be some incentive on the other side of things to deny money to plainly-ineligible fraudsters. As things stand, there is not.

These employees need to be very publicly fired.
Hat tip: Brian B.


3 thoughts on “O’Keefe Medicaid Sting: Part II

  1. It is not impossible to get fired from a government job, just very difficult and highly unlikely, unless you cross the union. That is one of the major problems with the civil “service” system we have developed in this country, and the first that needs to be changed.

    Yes, I can hear all the howls of protest already, but hey, if people in private business had the job security bureaucrats do (apparently the aim of the NLRB now) there would be no businesses.

    It is also my guess that O’Keefe could walk into nearly any government office anywhere in these United States and get similar results. Call me a “half-empty glass” guy, but customer service (the “customer” being the taxpayer) is not one of bureaucracy’s strong points, whereas making sure one’s job becomes invaluable is.


  2. the ACORN slush fund has been taken out. The “proxy access” poiivsrons and government equity stake in banks —two of the more contentious issues that will be Member-level issues, to be discussed tonight. House Republicans want to limit cost of the initial tranche and add the Cantor mortgage-backed security insurance provision. Overall, sounds like they are moving toward a deal.WHat does all that mean?????????????????????????????


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