Saturday Movie Matinee

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas: VIRGINIA Medicaid Drug Smuggling Investigation:

“DON’T PUT THAT ON THE APPLICATION,” says the Medicaid official in Richmond, VA after a man posing as a wealthy drug dealer says he deals in illicit drugs and prostitution. The Worker gives medicaid application that states, “If you knowingly give false, incorrect, or incomplete information in order to help someone else receive benefits, you could be arrested and prosecuted for fraud.”

Fast & Furious: Who Knew What, When at the Top of the Obama Admin?

The Right Scoop: Crowder slams Bill Maher over rape jokes and sexism

Via Rick Amato at Big Government:

Famed economist Art Laffer on air with Rick Amato on Pres. Obama, 2012, and our economic future ig Government Interviews Art Laffer:

With the unemployment rate at 9.2%, a contentious budget battle underway in Washington and small businesses- the very backbone of the U.S. economy- burdened by an ever growing list of government regulation, many might wonder what would Ronald Reagan would do today.

Well Arthur Laffer the famed economist who served as economic adviser under Reagan, tells me the Gipper would go after burdensome regulations to stimulate the economy, starting with President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

Charles Krauthammer has been on a roll, lately…

Charles Krauthammer Tells PBS Inside Washington Host, “You manage to introduce a hell of a lot of bias”

Krauthammer on Obama’s Peevish, petulant speech, today at Breitbart TV:Krauthammer: Who is Obama to ‘Summon’ Leaders to White House?

The man is a national treasure.


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