Video: Jeff Sessions Sticks Up For The Tea Party – “They Didn’t Start The Fire”

Via RCP, Senator Sessions, (R-Alabama) in a heart-felt speech on the Senate floor, stood up for tea partiers against attacks from Democrats and some Republicans (RINOS), and called Harry Reid’s bill “a hoax”.

Democrats campaigned for control of Washington and they chose, in a time of fiscal crisis, not to engage the budget process in a serious way. In fact, Senate Democrats are apparently so determined to avoid the public budget process that the Reid bill even includes language designed to circumvent that process for two more years. So you’ll forgive me if I’m a little perturbed by all these attacks on the Tea Party. They didn’t start the fire—they sounded the alarm.

Before last election, when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, every conversation was about increasing spending. Congress passed the stimulus, it passed the president’s massive new health care entitlement, it passed the president’s requests for extraordinary increases in discretionary spending—a 24 percent increase over the last two years. We’ve added $4 trillion to our gross debt since the president took office. Just in the time since Senate Democrats last passed a budget, we’ve spent more than $7 trillion.

These are the facts.

But, after the 2010 election, and the emergence of the Tea Party, we finally started to look at Washington’s spending problem. Now, instead of just raising the debt ceiling with no spending cuts—as the White House initially and repeatedly demanded—we’re trying to cut spending. People in the Tea Party, and those who share their concerns, should not be vilified. They are good, decent, patriotic Americans whose only crime is rightly fearing for the future of this nation.


Please let this not be true…

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Gateway Pundit: FEARMONGER FRIDAY: Obama Administration Will Announce Which Bills Will Be Paid, Which Not, After Markets Close on Friday

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Obama Press Secretary Issues Ominous Statement if No Debt Limit Deal is Reached: “We have no other alternative, we have to take action to ensure that we do not default” – Video 7/28/11

Hat tip: Brian B.



4 thoughts on “Video: Jeff Sessions Sticks Up For The Tea Party – “They Didn’t Start The Fire”

  1. In less than 1 minute the dilemma we are all facing is made plain.

    What interest me the most is not the conclusion in this video but rather how desperate is our situation. A sane budget would have little if any deficit spending. Even if you gave in to remove the Bush tax cuts (which would inevitably reduce GDP) and remove the speeded up oil drilling cost write offs and corporate jet owners speeded up replacement and maintenance tax write off that the Democrats instituted but now think is in bad taste; you would still barely touch the deficit. The linear thinking Democrats think they could raise up to 250 billion a year with these measures but that would be only 15% of the yearly deficit. The balance would compound year after year, not to mention the probable reduction in GDP as people scurry to hide their income.
    Even with these taxes raised, a balanced budget would not be covering the all of the entitlement programs let alone zero defense, zero transportation, education (no loss there), day to day government operations, parks, research, department of agriculture, commerce, energy, homeland security, interior, justice, fema, food and drug, forest service, National institute of health, NOAA, and on and on and on.

    One more factor: this year the latest Social Security report stated that we are injecting about 140 billion from the Social Security trust fund which includes interest payment and principle. This money gets paid to Social Security from general revenues (taxes) as payments on the bonds. (there is no pool of money just a “bond” promise to pay from the treasury). Medicare is the same thing. Both of these programs are beginning a rapidly climbing exponential curve that by 2025 is out of control.

    Conclusion: taxes will go up, entitlements will get cut, there is going to be a lot of blaming, yelling and screaming.
    If we do not have the political will to cut spending everywhere. Then our only other plan is to print the money. Every day from here on out we will be entertained by the conjecture that we could print (dollars) the deficit and remove the interest payment.

    This is the real crisis, the debt ceiling is just the illustration of where we are.



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  4. With the Liars’ Club in D.C. in full swing, I’m actually kinda hoping no compromise is found and passed and that our dear Leader uses the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling.

    Best case scenario?

    Should that happen, the first thing that will be obvious is that the Democraps and Obhammud will fully own the economy.

    The second, a somewhat longer thing, is that the 14th Amendment will be tested in the courts, and the SCOTUS will toss most of it out on its ear.

    And that can’t be all bad at all. People (with the lowered credit rating) will see where Democrap/socialist economic policies take us, whether those policies come from the Democraps or Repubs. They are always destructive, and never, ever result as projected.

    People who can’t create and administer a real budget shouldn’t be in charge of the purse strings to begin with, and so far there’s been maybe 30-35 people total in Congress that have shown they are responsible enough.


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