Rigid, Inflexible Ideologue Pushes Us Closer To Financialgeddon!

We been hearing a lot about inflexible ideologues holding us hostage over this debt ceiling “crisis”, and how childish they are, and how they are terrorists who are taking hostages as part of this process.

Yesterday, they struck again.

It really is amazing just how small of stature some people are.  It must be difficult in among the shadows who are leading from behind with a plan that they dare not clearly present for fear of rejection, and it must be even harder for poor little Harry.  Am I the only one who thinks that without the shoes he clearly has trouble filling, no one would give him another thought five minutes after he speaks?

3 thoughts on “Rigid, Inflexible Ideologue Pushes Us Closer To Financialgeddon!

  1. And here I was told that the Republicans were obstructionists…

    How does someone as mediocre as Reid rise to such a position of power? Is it something in the Vegas water??


  2. LC Aggie Sith: Not the water. It’s something called “unions”. They’ll probably elect him again long after he’s dead. If he isn’t already.

    PS: Obamanuts have been talking about the “threat to Social Security”. I even got a letter from AARP saying I better contact all my CongressBeings (don’t want to insult Critters) and tell them to vote right or we’ll all be hobbling around the streets with our walkers. The even provided three postcards, one for each.

    I seem to remember, back during the Gore/Bush election, when Big Al told us that there was “a Social Security lockbox”, and if we just elected him, there’d be nothing to worry about.

    Should I now believe that Big Al was lying? Or at the very least, exaggerating?

    Of course, nobody tells us that there’s a constant, steady stream of money coming into the Treasury, more then enough to pay the SS benefits – that we’ve all been paying into lo these many decades.


  3. I sure wish Dingy would take his own advice about ideologues, but like everything else the politicians in D.C. do, ’tis for thee, not for me.


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