Tea Party Groups To Tour Wisconsin In Support Of Republicans Facing Recall Elections

This should be interesting, given how popular the tea party is with the Democrat Media Complex at the moment, and how closely Wisconsin’s left wing unions and activists work with the party.

Via Conservatives 4 Congress,

CNN reports:

Two of the nation’s prominent tea party groups will merge for a Wisconsin bus tour in support of six Republican state senators facing recall elections.

Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Express will kick off their four-day “Restoring Common Sense” tour Friday, holding rallies in multiple cities and defending Republicans who supported Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial bill that curbed collective bargaining rights for state employees earlier this year.

“The tea party stands for fiscal responsibility, and Republican Senators in Wisconsin stood firm for those principles,” said Amy Kremer, chair of Tea Party Express. “Now they are under attack for doing the job they were elected to do. It is critical that we support and defend them from these undeserved attacks and in that effort we are proud to be joined by our friends at Tea Party Nation.”

The next round of recalls, scheduled for Aug. 9, is part of a summer long series of elections pitting six Republicans and three Democrats against challengers. An incumbent Democrat already won the first election in July.

If three Republicans can’t keep their seats, then the GOP will lose control of the state legislature and Democrats could be poised to overturn Walker’s budget reforms.

The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama have been on the ground in Wisconsin for about a month, now, working with Tea Party Express to do rallies in every affected district and rally conservatives to go to the polls.

More about the tour, HERE.

See the new ad and contribute online – HERE.

Two more  ways you can help via Amy Kremer of The Tea Party Express:

1st – For people all across America, if you use Facebook then we urgently need you to go to the Wisconsin Tea Party Express Event Page and RSVP your attendance (even if you can’t physically make it to a rally) to this effort.  And here’s the important point, we then need you to click “Select Guests to Invite” and invite all your conservative, pro-tea party friends to this event so you can help us get the word out and build “buzz” for this effort.  Here’s the link to the Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=212310648820458

2nd – Everyone’s help is needed to help us raise the money to pay for this effort.  Besides the costs of the tour (gas for a tour bus is exorbitantly expensive), we also have to pay for our TV and radio ad campaign to back this effort up.

We’re realistically looking at having to raise $50,000 within this next week.  You can support this effort by making a contribution – HERE.

A commenter at a left-wing Badger State site groused:

There will be a lot of no-good, stinkin’, vile and anti-democratic shenanigans going on in the next week. Expect Breitbart types at the Joe The Bummer/Tea Party tour this weekend, hoping to film someone from the counter rallies screaming obscenities.

Don’t do it. You’ll end up on Youtube.

Lol, yup. Like this unhinged schlub, captured by Rebelpundit at The Madison Tea Party with Sarah Palin. (Psssst: The tea party far outnumbered the protestors, that day, by the way):

Lefty-counter-protesters would do well to take his advice.

See also:

Legal Insurrection: Wisconsin, next week is Recall Week

Schedule for Restoring Common Sense Tour: August 5th – 8th:


12:00 Noon – 1:30pm :: Rally in Hudson, WI
Location: Lakefront Park Bandshell
First Street
Hudson, WI

5:30pm – 7:00pm :: Rally in La Crosse, WI
Location: Copeland Park Oktoberfest Shelter
1130 Copeland Park Dr.
La Crosse, WI


2:30pm – 4:00pm :: Rally in Kenosha, WI
Location: Birchwood Grill
7515 125th Ave
Kenosha, WI

5:30pm – 7:00pm :: Rally in Milwaukee, WI
Location: Thiensville Village Park
250 Elm Street
Thiensville, WI 53092


11:00am – 12:30pm :: Rally in Fond du Lac, WI
Location: Village Park
North Fond du Lac, WI

2:30pm – 4:00pm :: Rally in New London, WI
Location: Crystal Falls Banquet Facility
1500 Handschke Dr.
New London, WI 54961

6:00pm – 7:30pm :: Rally in Merrill, WI
Location: Riverside Park
East End of O Day Street
Merrill, WI 54452


12:00 Noon – 1:30pm :: Rally in Rhinelander, WI
Location: Rhinelander Band Shell
Young Street (Next to Trig’s RiverWalk Centre)
Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501

5:00pm – 6:30pm :: Rally in De Pere, WI
Location: Legends Brewhouse and Eatery
875 Heritage Rd
De Pere, WI 54115

Hat tip: Charles B.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, The Other McCain, Conservative Commune, and Doug Ross, thanks!


13 thoughts on “Tea Party Groups To Tour Wisconsin In Support Of Republicans Facing Recall Elections

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  3. Not only should he be warning his “gentle-people” following not to be screaming obscenities (that is a typical moonbat response to almost anything, to violently scream obscenities), if he really wanted to get to the point he should warn his “crowd” about the bussed-in union thug crowd that really doesn’t care who they physically injure as long as they injure someone!

    Now THAT would be a public service announcement.

    Also, don’t be a bit surprised if there is a socialist gunner that the LSM labels as a “Christian extremist”.That (either the gunning or the labeling) is their style.


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