Attention Shifts To Fleebagger Recalls In Wisconsin

Kim Simac

Now that the recall elections for Republican senators are over with, focus is shifting to two Democrat recalls that are being held, next Tuesday.

Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) faces Republican Jonathan Steitz, and the more vulnerable Senator,  Jim Holperin (D-Conover) faces Kim Simac, the founder of the Northwoods Patriots, potentially Wisconsin’s “first tea party Senator”:

Holperin acknowledged in an interview Wednesday that he is more vulnerable than Wirch.“It has been on our minds and in our plans for two years now to have someone from the tea party movement in the state Senate,” says Tim Dake, chair of Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, a Tea Party Patriots organization. “If she wins, it is going to be huge.


Holperin, whose district voted for Walker, says he will continue campaigning as well. This is the senator’s second time facing a recall effort. The first attempt came in 1990, when he was a member of the Assembly, over his support of Ojibwe spearfishing rights. He handily won that recall election. He was elected to the Senate in 2008.

Like Holperin’s district, a majority of voters in Wirch’s district also voted for Walker in the November election. But Wirch says his district voted for JoAnne Kloppenburg in the state Supreme Court race rather than incumbent Justice David Prosser, a former Republican state Assembly member. Wirch describes his district as “Democratic-leaning, but not by much.”

Sleazy union tactics are being used against Kim Simac a Wisconsin blogger reports:

 Months after the unions’ campaign of vandalizing our state and threatening our leaders, the unions have returned with a sleazy ad campaign about Kim Simac. They are alleging that Kim chose not to pay her taxes, and they have spent heavily on dishonest ads. The truth is that Kim’s business had some down years, and she did not owe any taxes for those years.

“My business has struggled in years, especially with a down economy and a hurting tourism industry. There have been years when my net income has fallen into a tax bracket that has no yearend tax liability.”

Who Pays Jim Holperin’s Taxes? »« Kim Simac Tells Jim Holperin to Stop Spreading Lies

Please help Kim Simac fight for Wisconsin:

These races are still  important because one of the  ‘moderate’ Republican Senators, Dale Schultz, may bolt the GOP and join with the Democrats. According to Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama:

He is under intense pressure from Senate Democrats to switch sides – in fact Schultz once was a Democrat.  Schultz also was the ONLY Republican who voted against Gov. Walker’s budget reform bill and then publicly criticized Governor Walker for his efforts to bring fiscal sanity to Wisconsin.

We learned today that Schultz even went to the Democrat Leader in the Senate and offered himself as a vote for them in the Senate.

This would be disastrous and would mean Democrats would be able to block Gov. Walker’s agenda in Wisconsin.  We can’t let the Left win this way.

That’s why we are going all out to win in the 2 RECALL campaigns against Democrats that take place next Tuesday.  In fact, if we prevail in these two races the net gain for Democrats through this entire RECALL process will have been ZERO (0) seats.  They will have spent more than $30 MILLION for nothing!

So let’s go out and finish the win.  Let’s see those 2 Democrat Senators who abdicated their job duties and fled to Illinois lose their seats.  Let’s make the Left eat crow for ever starting these shameful RECALL campaigns to punish Republicans who actually DID do their jobs.  And let’s make sure the Democrats’ effort to “buy off” a Senator fails.

You can contribute any amount from as little as $5 to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.   TV ads for the 2 RECALL districts are rather expensive.  One of the two RECALL campaigns takes place in the most expensive media market in the state of Wisconsin:  Milwaukee.

Thus, we’re going to need quite a few people who can contribute $100 or more to pitch in.  Our goal is to collect more than 500 contributions of $100 or more within the next 24 hours.  You can contribute online – HERE.

See Also:

JS Online: Campaigning still aggressive in North Woods recall race

Both sides in the recall effort against a Democratic North Woods senator are pushing ahead and pouring money into the race.

When Democrats failed to take back the Senate Tuesday, some had speculated that there would be less focus or spending in the fight to recall Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover).

But so far, that’s not the case, said officials supporting Holperin and his challenger, Republican Kim Simac.

“It looks to me like everything’s full speed ahead. Nobody’s pulling anything out,” said John Hogan, executive director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate.

Wausau Daily Herald: Mentzer column: GOP bullish on Holperin recall:

Of the two Democratic senators up for recall on Tuesday, Sen. Jim Holperin of Conover is universally believed to be the Republicans’ best shot at picking up a seat. After a better-than-expected night on Tuesday, Republicans are bullish about the possibility of knocking off Holperin.

The 12th Senate District is basically a Republican district. It went to Obama in 2008, but narrowly. It went to Scott Walker by 57.4 percent — considerably more than his 52.3 percent statewide total. By my rough estimate, conservative Justice David Prosser’s share of the vote there this spring was about 55 percent, compared with a 50-50 statistical split statewide.

Combine that with the fact that elections this week proved once again that the conservative base is just as able to turn out voters in Wisconsin as the liberal base, and the district looks ripe for Republicans.

620 WTMJ: Paul Ryan stumps for recall challenger in Kenosha

KENOSHA – Senator Bob Wirch says Democrats were asleep last November, but he says they are definitely awake now. Meanwhile, Republican challenger, Jonathan Steitz is bringing out the big names to help his cause.

On his summer break from Congress, Representative Paul Ryan spent the afternoon in Kenosha stumping for Jonathan Steitz in a seat Ryan hopes Republicans can take over.

“I think these recall elections are a vindication that the new leadership in Madison is taking us in the right direction.  They are cutting spending, getting taxes down so we can create jobs,” said Rep. Paul Ryan.

“It’s great.  It’s an honor to have him here, I appreciate his time.  I think the turnout today shows that we have a real good grassroots effort behind us,” Steitz said.

Who is Jonathon Steitz, and what does he stand for?

Who is Kim Simac, and what does she stand for?


Oh My!: Wis. Fleebagger’s Campaign Mail Piece Deemed “False, Ridiculous”, “Pants on Fire” Lie By Politifact

Hat tip: Charles B.

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4 thoughts on “Attention Shifts To Fleebagger Recalls In Wisconsin

  1. Way back in the day it was reasonable to assume that one who ran as a Democrap was a jackass, and one who ran as a Republican would at least stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his fellow Republicans on major issues.

    So why is it any surprise when a former donkey (Perry comes immediately to mind, but there are certain others, obviously) goes with the downward sewer flow of Democraps?

    Hopefully the voters of Wisconsin will do themselves a favor (no skin off our noses either way, except all too often these people end up in Congress) and vote for reasonableness and against the special interest groups (state unions and out-of-state unions), and have the citizens of the state really represented.


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