Rick Perry’s 1st Web Ad: Time to Get America Working Again

Today, Rick Perry formally announced his candidacy for President, and right now, the money would seem to be  on him. Intrade has him at 33.7%, with Mitt Romney at 29.8% to win the GOP nomination..

This new web video from the Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign  introduces him to the country:

video via Freedom’s Lighthouse

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HotAirPundit: Video: Rick Perry “Page One of Any Economic Plan To Get America Working Is To Give a Pink Slip To The Current Residents in the White House”

“We cannon afford 4 more years of this rudderless leadership”

“This president is not only a threat to this economy, so are his appointees a threat”

“Those who threaten our interest, harm our interests, we will simply not be scolding you, we will defeat you”

Gene Schwimmer of the American Thinker notes that Obama, for the first time, yesterday, fell below 50% on Intrade.

…when Intrade speaks, this writer listens.  When polls show President Obama’s approval consistently below 50%, when polls show an generic Republican defeating Obama in 2012, but Intrade has him consistently above 50%, I take the poll results with a hailstone-sized grain of salt.

But perhaps not today, for, at the time of this writing, for the first time ever, Obama is below 50% on Intrade.  Only a tenth of a percentage point (49.9%), mind you, and he may very well be back above 50% by the time the reader reads this.

But it’s a first, and worth noting.

That was yesterday. Today, it’s at 49.5%.

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Saturday Movie Matinee

We, here at Nice Deb, all know in our hearts this is what’s going on: Grinding Down America: How the Communist Agenda to Destroy America is Working:

How do we convince the blind?

Video via P/Oed Patriot. (Be sure to check out some of  P/oed’s other videos at the link.)

The Real Story of Che Guevara and Communism + Whats Going On Here?

 In The following YOUTUBE clip Humberto Fontova discusses and exposes the real CHE with Glenn Beck, which begs the following questions: WHO is and has been keeping the truth from us about this murderous fanatic and who is keeping us from remembering WHAT happened in Cuba and WHY are they not teaching people the truth about it? Its a real WAKEUP CALL because our country is being run to the ground in the name of ideas and misconceptions about the workings of the real world in economics and the importance of limited government and free enterprise.

Is there even any doubt left that people like Al Gore and John Kerry, comfortable with both chaos and totalitarianism as they are –  are down with the agenda? Here’s Lee Doren slamming the fake “Civility project”:

Via Lee Doren, How the World Works

Andrew Klavan on Obama’s use of craptastic, crap talk, (also known as “lies”):

Video via PJTV

Zo says the problem with our economy is liberalism. (methinks he uses too soft a term…):

Video via PJTV

One person who’s not afraid to call a commie a commie is Sarah Palin – and she’s running – no doubt about it:

Video via Gateway Pundit

Clown Protest!

Fun World Clown Alley put on a performance art “clown protest” to celebrate CLOWN WEEK!!!! What exactly were we protesting? Absolutely NOTHING!

Via Fun World Clown Alley

Honestly, their protest makes more sense than most left-wing protests.

Horrible but not-so-shocking: Corey Feldman Says Paedophilia No. 1 Problem for Child Stars in Hollywood:


And for no special reason….SURFIN’ BULLDOG!:

Special thanks to Brian B for his video recommendations.