Saturday Movie Matinee

Sean Hannity: Operation Fast & Furious:

See also: Bob Owens, PJ Media: Gunwalker: President Obama’s Un-Plausible Deniability

Charles Krauthammer: Obama encouraging illegal immigration:

Coulter Slams Media for Never Vetting Obama:

PJTV Trifecta: The President’s Political Meltdown: Obama Can’t Hold His Own Base:

PJTV Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Rich Man, Poor Man:

Breitbart TV: Our Special Tribute to NBC News and Al Sharpton:

Right Change: Brawl of Presidents:

See Also:

PJTV Kruiser Control: Ed Schultz’s Fantastical Racism Visions. Plus, Chris Matthews Strikes Back at Reality

Breitbart TV: Tea Partier Tells Sharpton ‘I Don’t Think I Could Listen to Any More of Your Insanity Without My Earpiece Falling Out’

Breitbart TV: Fox News Catches Obama Golfing Despite Camera Ban

Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks on deportation, ‘birther’ quote : “I’m an equal opportunity law enforcement officer – I go after anybody who’s broken the law.”

Glenn Beck Clips: Charles Krauthammer: Obama Sept speech will be a mini stimulus with ‘spend now, cut later’ terms.

Glenn Beck Clips:Charles Krauthammer: People waiting for immigration are ‘chumps.’


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