Back-atcha Maxine

Breitbart TV has the Despicable Maxine Waters Tea Party Attack Media is Ignoring: Tea Party Can Go to Hell, ‘I Intend to Help Them Get There’

While the media plays up the Los Angeles congresswoman’s “the Tea Party can go straight to hell’ comments from this weekend, they are ignoring what she said right after that. When the wild cheers of the audience calmed down, Rep. Waters then said: “And I intend to help them get there.”

Watch video at link.

Oh Maxine!

Whether she’s attacking the tea party, or trying to placate Obama’s base, (“We’re tired ya’ll!”), can someone tell me why we should give this absurd hack one second of our attention? This is all anyone has to know about Maxine Waters to make an assessment:

Oh, too bad she was cut off. She was extolling the “outstanding leadership” of the now disgraced Fannie Mae crook exec, Franklin Raines.

From what I can tell, being on this woman’s sh*t-list is a badge of honor.


Rick Santorum reacted to the comments by calling Maxine Water “vile” on the Steve Malzberg Show, today:



6 thoughts on “Back-atcha Maxine

  1. “…this absurd hack…”

    Oh, you mean like Nazi Pelousy? Or Babs Boxer? Or Debbie “Sargeant” (Wasserman) Schultz? Or Oly Snow? Or….


  2. In favor of cutting the budget? — RACIST!! … Reduce the rate of growth? — RACIST … Review dedundant programs? —-RACIST!! …Question anything related to overspending? — RACIST!! These people can’t be taken seriously on ANY issue.


  3. Can somebody – anybody – explain how this person keeps getting elected? There has to be something else other than the voters are all morons.


  4. Was it really foxnews that had copyright issues with the video of Santorum calling Waters “vile”, or was that youtube’s excuse to terminate it ?


  5. AlonZo on PJTV asks an interesting question: why is it that since the Democrats are so “separation of church and state (and everything else as well)”, do they decide to hold this meeting in a church?


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