Video: Obama Runs With Vile “Bad Faith” Accusation Against Republicans

Since Obama has no (popular) accomplishments to run on, and the economy shows no signs of improving in any appreciative way before election day, the Obama camp has settled on a strategy the they are going to deploy for the next 15 months:  He is going to make excuses for his own failures (bad luck!), and accuse Republicans of near treasonous behavior – holding the economy hostage for political gain (bad faith!)

Over the weekend we we treated to multiple examples of their strategy in play. Obama deployed his characteristic passive aggressive “some in Congress” strawman in his weekly address to the nation, filmed last week, at a farm in the Midwest: “The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party. That’s the problem right now. That’s what’s holding this country back. That’s what we have to change.”

When the Obama administration decides on a meme – they really pound it. Obama’s former Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, surfaced over the weekend on CNN: Axelrod: Congress Putting Party Ahead of Country.

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s smarmy former White House Press Sec., appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press”: Gibbs: Congress Should Put Country Ahead of Party.

Not exactly subtle, are they?

Charles Krauthammer really  let Obama have it in his column Friday for the Obama’s accusation of bad faith against Republicans:

Charging one’s opponents with bad faith is the ultimate political ad hominem. It obviates argument, fact, logic, history. Conservatives resist Obama’s social-democratic, avowedly transformational agenda not just on principle but on empirical grounds, as well — the economic and moral unraveling of Europe’s social-democratic experiment, on display today from Athens to the streets of London.

Obama’s answer? He doesn’t even engage. That’s the point of these ugly accusations of bad faith. They are the equivalent of branding Republicans enemies of the people. Gov. Rick Perry has been rightly chided for throwing around the word “treasonous” in reference to the Fed. Obama gets a pass for doing the same, only slightly more artfully, regarding Republicans. After all, he is accusing them of wishing to see America fail for their own political gain. What is that if not a charge of betraying one’s country?

The charge is not just ugly. It’s laughable. All but five Republican members of the House — moderate, establishment, tea party, freshman alike — voted for a budget containing radical Medicare reform knowing it could very well end many of their careers. Democrats launched gleefully into Mediscare attacks, hardly believing their luck that Republicans should have proposed something so politically risky in pursuit of fiscal solvency. Yet Obama accuses Republicans of acting for nothing but partisan advantage.

This from a man who has cagily refused to propose a single structural reform to entitlements in his three years in office. A man who ordered that the Afghan surge be unwound by September 2012, a date that makes no military sense (it occurs during the fighting season), a date not recommended by his commanders, a date whose sole purpose is to give Obama political relief on the eve of the 2012 election. And Obama dares accuse others of placing politics above country?

Here’s Krauthammer,  unable to conceal his contempt for Obama’s “vile” bad faith strategy, spoke with Monica Crowley (filling in for O’Reilly) on Friday.

The accusations of bad faith are made in bad faith. Leftists ALWAYS  project, and since Obama was elected, we’ve seen a record  number of examples of lefty projection. I guess you can add that to his list of “historic” achievements.

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