Video: Karl Rove Smacks Down Both Bret Baier And Bill Burton

Boy Howdy.

Love him or hate him (and there are certainly reasons for Tea Party conservatives to hate him) Karl Rove can be a powerful asset to team R.

Watch him go after the Obama administration, demolish every feeble argument Burton throws out there, like his weak, years old attack lines about the Bush economy and Iraq war.  Rove helpfully reminded him that Obama voted with the Dems to filibuster reforming Fannie and Freddie, and appointed Hillary Clinton, (WHO VOTED FOR THE WAR) to be his Sec. of State.

Karl Rove has chunks of guys like Burton in his stool.

Yeah, Brett took some body blows from Rove at the beginning, but recovered in time to get some kicks in to Burton towards the end – not letting him get away with the lie that Republicans are holding up some trade agreements, when the White House hasn’t submitted them to Congress, yet..

Oh, and we can add Burton to the growing list of Obama administration officials (present and former) who are attacking Republicans for “putting politics above country”. How disgusting.

Burton: “What the President needs in Washington are partners who will work with him to actually make progress in this country not just people like Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell who would much rather see the economy do poorly so they can score political points than see America succeed.

Rove: Bill,  with all due respect, do not question the motivations and the integrity of the people on the other side. It’s a really bad way to try and get partners. We can’t have political disagreements without you questioning our motivations – that’s not a way to get partners.

Burton ( crosstalk):”I don’t think ‘all due respect’ means what you think it means, Karl”

Do we really need another smug spokes-twerp from the Obama administration stinking up the air on Fox?


…flailing from administration flacks on the Sunday talk shows:

Weasel Zippers: Obama’s Long-Awaited “Very Specific Plan” On Job Creation Downgraded To Just An “Outline”…

(DC Examiner) — Last Monday, President Obama made news by promising to give a speech in September detailing, “a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit.”

But has that “very specific plan” already been downgraded to an outline?

That is, at least, the impression I got watching Obama advisors Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod on yesterday’s Sunday morning shows.

Hat tip: Brian B.


3 thoughts on “Video: Karl Rove Smacks Down Both Bret Baier And Bill Burton

  1. “But has that “very specific plan” already been downgraded to an outline?”

    Unexpectedly, I’ll wager. Perhaps we can contact the President’s Official Office of Official Pre-Planning Office for more details.


  2. Since it’s been two and one half years since the president has submitted a budget as required by the Constitution (a general and brief outline does not qualify as a “budget”), I have to wonder whether our Constitutional-Expert-in-Chief knows what a specific plan is, or if he’s intentionally ignoring his responsibilities as president in favor of ideological attacks only?

    If, as I suspect, it’s the latter, the noise his lapdogs are making about the Repubs being “ideologically driven” is sounding more and more hollow every week. Hopefully, by the time next year’s election rolls around even the tin ears of some of his worshipers will be able to hear it.


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