The End Of A Fairy-Tale

Have you heard? The era of hope and change is officially ovah. It ended sometime between the passing of the monster 2009 stimulus (that didn’t work) and the promise of another stimulus to be announced (that won’t pass). A lot of the Obamazombies who voted for “the One” in 2008 have come off their hope and change sugar highs and are wondering just what the hell happened. Although we can’t expect people who don’t pay attention to news to actually notice things like the fact that every statement Obama makes comes with an expiration date, he has members of the  Muslim Brotherhood advising him in the White House,  his foreign policy has caused chaos the world over,  he’s joined at the hip with Big Labor, his wife has spent $10 million or taxpayer money on vacations this year alone, his administration armed drug cartels with high powered weapons to kill innocent people with etc etc etc…

No, they’re looking at a devastated US economy that should have rebounded by now, and they’re feeling the pain.

I think many of the hope and changers of 2008 are scratching their heads and saying W.T.F, man? I’m talking about the low info- hipster crowd, the folks who jumped on the Obama bandwagon because it was THE cool, trendy thing to do:

Kimberly Salib, the proprietor of Art Gotham in Soho, asked 300 artists to make a 12-inch-by-12-inch work of art inspired by the election, and auctioned the pieces off in the fall of 2008. She is not planning on trying again either.

“I kind of lost my passion for it all, to be honest with you,” she said. Since the election, she has been audited, and a shaky economy and lack of support for galleries like hers “has made me totally uninterested. I am no longer excited about doing these things.”

She was audited after helping Obama get elected? Wow…way to say thank-you, big government.

Even the residents of deep-blue enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard, no longer have the fever:

“We all wanted a happy ending to this fairy tale,’’ said Goodrich, owner of Mary Jo Goodrich Island Properties in Vineyard Haven. “But I don’t think there’s going to be one. I just don’t see a turnaround in the near future.’’

Fairy tale? If I remember right, a wise, respected political sage once called Obama’s candidacy a “fairy tale” and got excoriated for it. In fact, I believe it inspired the first of many, many, many, (many, many) more applications of the race card in the campaign and afterward until it finally expired. Now people just watch in disgust as it’s deployed again and again (and again) by members of the CBC, and other party hacks and  flacks on MSNBC.

Rumor has it, (well, no – actually, recent events show) that the race card is going to be a major part of Obama’s 2012 campaign strategy. All I can say is – good luck with that –  because most Americans don’t think themselves as racists and they’re not going to be tricked into voting for a profoundly defective candidate a second time to prove that they’re not.

Many of Obama’s disenchanted voters come from the far-left flank, and they whine despairingly that Obama hasn’t been forceful enough in dealing with the T-baggers. “Tax the rich, already!” is their rallying cry. They may whine, now, but they will vote (at least once) for Obama in 2012. Their votes are safe. But most Americans don’t identify with that crowd.  Most have come to  realize that more “hope and change” ain’t gonna make things right.

Now that the fairy tale has ended, deployment of the long expired race card by Obama’s proxies just looks kinda sad and desperate.



3 thoughts on “The End Of A Fairy-Tale

  1. So they finally realize that “change” is not only not necessarily for the better, but is a nebulous term with as many meanings as there are people willing to tack meanings onto it.

    In a recent “townhall” meeting, someone asked him about a new set of onerous regulations that were coming down on farmers (you’ll need a commercial driver’s license to drive a tractor, combine, or anything else on a farm).

    Obama replied, “Don’t believe everything you hear”.

    That was, of course, a delicate side-step to avoid the question entirely. But it suggests some good advice:

    When it comes to Obama, don’t believe anything you hear.

    “They may whine, now, but they will vote (at least once) for Obama in 2012.”

    There’s the problem. People who are staunch Democrats, as were their fathers and their fathers’ fathers, and … , are emotionally committed to the Democratic ideology.

    It seems to be that case that people who are emotionally-oriented (nothing wrong with that) are also Left-oriented and Democrat-oriented.

    To vote for anyone else would be to admit that they’ve been wrong all along. That would lead to severe cognitive dissonance. Like the Wicked Witch, they’d dissolve in a puff of green smoke).

    So they’re going to blindly vote for Obama (or whoever the string-pullers put up in his place), regardless of the consequences.

    Our only hope is to outnumber them, and convince the independents that they have everything to lose if they go for the Left.

    Being emotionally committed also might explain the attraction of the Left to environmental causes. Being incapable of getting things right in their own lives, when someone tells them they can “save the planet”, that’s a Big Deal. “I can actually DO something!”

    It’s still going to be an uphill fight through 2012. The Left’s resources are formidable: SEIU, Soros. Emily’s List, and the rest are not going to give up easily.

    Neither should we.


  2. A man is being interviewed by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. The man asks St. Peter about all the clocks sitting around, and St. Peter responds that each clock represents each person, and that when one tells a lie his/her clock’s hands move forward. The man asks St. Peter where Obama’s clock is. St. Peter says, “Oh, Jesus has it in His office. He uses it as a ceiling fan!”

    Very telling. Very.


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