Video: Glenn Beck Show Flames Al Gore For Civil Rights/Global Warming Comparison

Glenn Beck’s sidekick, Pat Gray,  alternated between a high pitched Sam Kinison screech, and a slow, condescending Al Gore drawl, to lambast Goracle for comparing Climate Change skeptics to racists.

It’s relentless, unforgiving, and hilarious — Al Gore so deserves this.

Will Al Gore and his warmist friends ever go away? The wheels have come off the global warming scam. The jig is up.

They’re just embarrassing themselves, now.


Breitbart TV: Major Garrett Lays into Al Gore and Global Warming Hysterics

In a candid and revealing interview with Dennis Miller, National Journal’s Major Garrett recalls the imperious, arrogant and condescending bearing of Al Gore as a Senator. Garrett believes that his recent statements comparing global warming skeptics to racists are a reflection of that same attitude.


Weasel Zippers: House Republicans Seek To Cut All U.S. Funding For U.N. Climate Change Agencies…-

WASHINGTON —House Republicans are applying a search and destroy tactic to international funding for global warming this budget season. It goes like this: Ax any line items with the words “climate change.”

Their primary targets are a pair of crucial United Nations initiatives designed to slow warming worldwide and educate policymakers about the evolving science of climate change.

We’ll see how far this goes. They also attempted to defund the Obama’s Czars in their $38 billion budget cuts bill, last April, but Obama prevented it in a signing statement, (which he had previously promised he’d never do.)


5 thoughts on “Video: Glenn Beck Show Flames Al Gore For Civil Rights/Global Warming Comparison

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  2. Well this might actually be good news. When they start playing the race card, that’s a pretty good sign they know they’re losing the war. Unfortunately, like in so much else, when it comes to Global Climate Change the American Left is the last on the bus, and probably will be the last to get off.


  3. I already knew that as a Senator, the goracle’s dad voted against every single piece of legislation that came along benefitting civil rights. Goracle’s dad ALSO ran a zinc mine in TN that polluted the area for a long time.
    I’ll bet Tipper’s glad she doesn’t live with Al anymore.
    He’s certifiable now more than ever.


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