Video: Human Flying

Meet Jeb Corliss, professional BASE jumper, skydiver, and wingsuit flyer.

Wingsuit flyer? Who ever heard of such a thing? If you haven’t heard of it, you will be amazed:

Holy crap, I guess I need to watch the Discovery Channel, more, because I didn’t know there were people doing this.

More about Corliss via Wikipedia:

Jeb Corliss is co-founder of 3 Triple 7, a clothing label.[2]

He was also the original host of the Discovery Channel series Stunt Junkies, appearing in 13 episodes, but was fired by Discovery as a result of his arrest (below).

Jeb is currently working on a plan to jump out of a helicopter with his wing suit and land without a parachute.[3]

I hope not. After seeing how fast he goes, I can’t see how that ends well…


In April 2006, Jeb Corliss attempted to BASE jump off the observation deck of the Empire State Building, while wearing a camera, but was restrained by building security and arrested by the NYPD. As a result, Corliss received 3 years probation and 100 hours community service,[1] which was at one point overturned by a Manhattan state judge on the basis that Corliss “was experienced and careful enough to jump off a building without endangering his own life or anyone else’s”.[4] This sentence was affirmed in January 2009.[5] Corliss was later permanently banned from setting foot in the Empire State Building.[6]

Hat tip: @MelissaTweets.


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