Video: Rick Perry On The Sean Hannity Radio Show

The Republican frontrunner, Rick Perry, was interviewed by Hannity on his radio show, this afternoon.

In part one, Hannity asks the TX governor (and  former Air Force pilot) about the meme libs are pushing that he’s “dumb”. Perry correctly responds that those are the same old attacks they did against Reagan. From there, he talked about his impressive job creation record in Texas.

Via HotAirPundit:

Hat tip: Brian B.

Watch part two at HotAirPundit.


3 thoughts on “Video: Rick Perry On The Sean Hannity Radio Show

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  2. I’ve known a few fighter pilots, too, and never met one that not only was pretty bright but had a good dose of common sense, too.

    Seems to me the Democraps are like the fable fox who couldn’t get the grapes and wandered away saying “They’re probable sour anyway.” Except the Democraps are wandering away saying “They’re probably dumb anyway” instead of “sour”, just ’cause they, the Democraps, can’t have what conservatives have: the ability to think clearly.


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