Friday Free-For-All

Obamabow to Boehner via Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin reports on today’s  “historic” jobs news report: President Zero; Update: White House runs away from costly EPA regs:

Critics of cypher Barack Obama have been calling him “President Zero” for years. (See herehereherehere, for example.)

Now, the lib media is discovering just how fitting that moniker has been.

After today’s report of ZERO net job growth, the New York Times “reports” on the “demeaning” “new” label:

G.O.P.’s New Obama Label: President Zero

It took the Republican National Committee exactly 94 minutes to coin a new, demeaning title for Barack Obama: President Zero.

In an email to reporters, the R.N.C. took note of the worst job report in nearly a year, saying that there has been “two and a half years of Obamanomics and nothing to show for it.”

What? How President Zero “demeaning? At least they have the courtesy of including his title in the monicker – most of us just call him “Zero”.

Today, the White House rejected the controversial ozone regs:

President Barack Obama on Friday asked the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw a proposed regulation for ozone air quality standards, citing the nation’s wobbly economy.

President Obama, in a statement, said that by requesting withdrawal of the ozone regulations “I have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover.”

See, he’s the second coming of Reagan just like they’ve been telling us.

Sipsey Street Irregulars includes a nuclear mushroom cloud graphic to  emphasize the importance of the latest news on the Gunwalker scandal: The cover-up is undeniable. Grassley & Issa drop a nuke on Phoenix US Attorneys Office. Emails utterly damning. Newell perjury certain.

CBS has this blockbuster here.

Congressional investigators tell CBS News there’s evidence the U.S. Attorney’s office in Arizona sought to cover up a link between their controversial gunwalking operation known as “Fast and Furious” and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Terry was murdered in Arizona near the US border last December. Two assault rifles ATF had allegedly allowed onto the street without interdiction were found at the scene.

But the US Attorney’s office working both the Terry murder and the “Fast and Furious” operation did not immediately disclose the two had any link. Two Republicans investigating the scandal, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) say there’s evidence that officials at ATF and the US Attorney’s office sought to hide the connection.


Today’s letter from the Congressional Republicans also criticizes Hurley’s boss, US Attorney Dennis Burke. It says Burke denied a connection between Fast and Furious and Terry’s murder in court, but recently “readily admitted the connection” in an interview with Congressional investigators. Burke resigned from his job on Tuesday.

The Justice Department had no immediate comment. Burke and Hurley were not immediately reachable for comment.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal take.

LATER: The target of this is Burke. Burke is in a bind. He is reported to have been losing both sleep and weight, and is looking “haggard and weary.” His interview with the committee a few days was unsatisfactory, from what I hear, on both sides. He’s going to have to give a lot more up before he gets any kind of deal. Who could he give up?

The references to OCDETF are no accident. F&F was a DOJ-driven operation encompassing a whole lot of other agencies besides ATF — including, significantly, DHS — and higher ups in DOJ. And Burke was? Anybody? Bueller? That’s right, Napolitano’s former chief of staff. Burke can give them a whole hell of a lot more than he has so far. The reference to the FBI investigation was not done idly either. The prairie fire picks up velocity.

A Sipsey Street commenter conspiratorially notes that “the stage has been set with Burke’s depression being noted in the article by the W.S.J., and others”:

Burke had better RUN to the closest US Marshals office and get in the Witness Protection Program… No wait they were in on Gun-Walker also. Sorry Dennis your SCREWED, But maybe if ya can get back to Issa and Grassley maybe they can arrange for protection with the Secret Service. They are the only Federal Agency NOT implicated in Gun-Walker, so far.

Another nuclear blast via Michelle Malkin: Fast and Furious update: Yes, the White House got e-mails:

The three officials who were briefed: Kevin M. O’Reilly, director of North American Affairs for the White House national security staff; Dan Restrepo, the president’s senior Latin American advisor; and Greg Gatjanis, a White House national security official.

Sipsey Street Irregulars:FOX: “Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes.”

 Also late Thursday, Sen. Charles Grassley’s office revealed that 21 more Fast and Furious guns have been found at violent crime scenes in Mexico.

This American Thinker piece will make you want to toss your lunch: Predators with Ph.D.s:

The latest offensive against morality, decency, and sanity in America has been launched by a pro-pedophilia group and several academics who openly advocate for the normalization and legalization of pedophilia.  Referring to Judeo-Christian moral principles and values as “cultural baggage of wrongfulness” and an adult’s desire to sexually molest a child as “normative,” these predators with Ph.D.s are hell-bent on destroying key moral boundaries and critical societal norms that protect innocent children from pathological and dangerous adults.

On August 17 of this year, the pro-pedophilia group B4U-ACT sponsored an event in Baltimore attended by researchers, professors, mental health professionals, and “minor-attracted persons” (MAP, a euphemism for “adults who crave sex with children”).  These individuals endorse the adult molestation of children, consider this sexual perversion as normal, and advocate for the declassification of pedophilia as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

The academic panelists who presented at this “pedophilia-friendly” scientific symposium came from such distinguished institutions as Johns Hopkins University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.


What do the leadership of John Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Louisville have to say about their professors attending a pro-pedophile conference and advocating for the “normalization” of adults having sex with children?  What about the donors, supporters, and alumni who support these institutions?  Are they aware that their donations pay for these professors’ salaries and help promote these kinds of “academic” activities?  Is this an indication of the level of “scholarship” and “intellectual discourse” we expect to see in the future from these acclaimed institutions?  What’s next?  A conference on how to de-stigmatize and normalize producers, distributors, and users of child porn?

My own feeling is that something more than public pressure is in order, here. These criminally depraved people are becoming bolder and bolder. Last year, a book appeared called, The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lover’s Code of Conduct. Why hasn’t the author, Phillip R. Greaves been arrested? If no laws are being broken when pedophiles hold conferences and write books to further their cause of violating children, there should be. This is the type of regulation I think most people, even libertarians, could support.

From LifeNews: Catholic Bishops: Revoke Obamacare-Abortion Drug Mandate:

Taking advantage of the public comment period offer before the recommendation goes into effect, the nation’s Catholic bishops are urging the Obama administration to reverse a decision that forces insurance companiesto pay for birth control and drugs that can cause abortions under the Obamacare government-run health care program.

In August, Obama officials tentatively approved a recommendation from the Institute of Medicine, opposed by pro-life groups, that called for the Obama administration to require insurance programs to include birth control — such as the morning after pill or the ella drug that causes an abortion days after conception — in the section of drugs and services insurance plans must cover under “preventative care.” The companies will likely pass the added costs on to consumers, requiring them to pay for birth control and, in some instances, drug-induced abortions of unborn children in their earliest days.

Hey Catholic Bishops? Maybe if you had put Catholic Voter Guides in all of the church vestibules in 2008, we wouldn’t be in this mess, now. President Zero won with a majority of the Catholic vote because they didn’t know what the hell they were voting for. And that happened with your help:

The following text is from the IRS ruling stating that this Voter’s Guide does not itself constitute the political campaign intervention prohibited to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations such as churches:

[Catholic Answers, Inc.] created, published and distributed the “Voters Guide for Serious Catholics” (“VGSC”).The VGSC asserts that it is intended to help the reader vote for candidates for public office in a manner consistent with Catholic moral teachings.The VGSC identifies five issues it deems to be “nonnegotiable” issues and instructs the reader on how to narrow down the list of candidates to those who are acceptable based on the non-negotiable issues.The VGSC does not directly or indirectly make reference to any specific candidate, political party or election.Therefore, the content of the VGSC, standing alone, is not political campaign intervention because the VGSC does not support or oppose any specific candidate for public office.
–Internal Revenue Service, Addendum to Letter 3609P, May 2, 2008

Marathon Pundit has another raging Obami success story: Valerie Jarrett-managed slum apartments to be torn down with federal cash

Valerie Jarrett, a close friend of the Barack and Michelle Obama is the former CEO of Habitat Company, which managed Grove Parc, a federally subsidized apartment complex on Chicago’s South Side that can be accurately described as a slum. Jarrett is now a senior adviser to the president.

Keep reading.

The Other McCain: Tommy Christopher’s New Assignment: Covering Speaker Boehner’s Resignation:

While I’m not familiar with Tommy’s term “fetish foe false objectivity,” I certainly do not believe that journalists must be strictly neutral in every political conflict. However, a tendency toward emotional hysteria is not generally desireable in this line of work.

Tommy: We are talking about the scheduling of a speech.

As for the “time of national crisis,” it hasn’t even impinged on the president’s golf schedule. The matter of postponing his World-Historic Address to a Joint Session of Congress — “Four score and seven revised-downward jobs reports ago . . .” — from Wednesday to Thursday hardly seems the kind of “unprecedent insult” that would require the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Not to pile on Tommy, but wtf, dude?

Your laugh of the day, via Newsbusters: Rush Limbaugh: ‘If They Ever Do a Colonoscopy on Obama They’re Gonna Find Richard Wolffe’s Head There’

Hat tip: Brian B. for many of these stories.

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