Video: 11th Human Foot Washes Up In British Columbia

photo credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

I’ve been covering these gruesome discoveries since Feb, 2008, (at one point I even started a new  category for it), and its happened again.

And there are still no answers to the mystery of the floating feet according to this CNN report:

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Eleven feet in sports shoes have been washed up on the west coast of North America in four years … is there a link?

Theories as to the cause of the mystery have ranged from dismemberments by serial killers or gangsters to casualties from plane or boating accidents.

Some have suggested the feet were from victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami, missing fishermen or people who drowned or committed suicide.

“We’re certainly at a loss as to the cause of this,” British Columbia coroner Stephen Fonseca told The Canadian Press about the latest foot, which washed up in Vancouver on Tuesday.

“There was no obvious trauma to the remains.

“We cannot completely exclude a murder; we don’t know why they died, but we have no evidence they were murdered,” he told Agence France-Presse.

The only obvious connection between the feet – five of which have been identified by police as belonging to missing people – was that they were found in running shoes.

Oceanographers also told the Toronto Star the bodies were likely to have all come from people living on the west coast of North America.

In 2008, after the fifth foot was found, US oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer said the mystery was “something suitable for Sherlock Holmes”.

“Finding five feet in one localised area would be highly unusual anywhere in the world,” he told Bloomberg.

the discovery of this number of feet in four years was not coincidental.

People are wondering why this is only happening on the West Coast, and why aren’t other body parts of these people being found?

A police officer says it’s not unusual to find bodies in waterways…

“Body parts do eventually make their way to the surface. So why are we only getting feet? Why are they only in running shoes? I’m not sure I buy the theory that it’s because the shoe floats.”

A Wikipedia page with a timeline of the discoveries, here.

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One thought on “Video: 11th Human Foot Washes Up In British Columbia

  1. Someone warned that we would be seeing feet in tight or snugly fitting shoes on our west coast after the recent Japanese Tsunami.
    The rest of the individual bodies, previously attached to the feet, have been eaten by sharks.
    (Maybe some sharks leave the feet like some people leave behind the shrimp tails… 😀 *)
    The bodies have decomposed, and separated from the feet
    Those were 2 theories.

    My question is “If it is decomposition…then why isn’t there still the lower leg bone still attached ?”
    No…..I think something in the ocean is going to consider you dinner before much decomposition has occured.

    What other shoes fit as snugly as laced shoes ?
    That’s why the shoes with feet still in them have laces…..JMO.

    I didn’t realize so many over the years have randomly appeared.

    Please pardon my morbid sense of humor.


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