Video: Kevin Jackson Takes It To Maxine

Kevin Jackson,  author of the book The Big Black Lie and Sexy Brilliance, was on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, Thursday to discuss the recent barrage of ugly, racially charged rhetoric we’ve been hearing from the left in recent weeks. His answer to Maxine Waters, specifically: “Hell is in the black communities that the Congressional Black Caucus serves.”

You want to know why the inner cities have become crime-ridden cesspools, look in the mirror, lady. Stop blaming people who had nothing to do with it.

Your rant of the day is courtesy of Townhall:

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Jackson in person when he recently visited the small town of Adrian, MO for a Liberty Loyalists event.

If you liked the above video, you might enjoy this one, too:

Hat tip: Brian B.


One thought on “Video: Kevin Jackson Takes It To Maxine

  1. If this guy was running for Congress in my district I’d vote for him in a New York second. He sounds as good as West and is obviously intelligent enough to actually know what the heck he’s talking about, as opposed to Waters and the other jackasses in the CBC.


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