New Front Opens In Gunwalker scandal: ATF and FBI “Gangwalker” Allowed Indiana ‘Crime Gun’ Sales

The outlaw Obama regime’s horrendous “Gunwalker” saga has just taken an almost unimaginable turn. Whereas before, most of the victims of this unholy and God-awful anti-gun scheme lived across the border into Mexico, the victims or potential victims of “Gangwalker” live in the heartland of  America. This is a developing story – it’s not yet known how lethal or widespread this operation was, but it chills me to the bone that now I  get to worry about the possibility that the Obama administration is arming criminal gangs throughout the United States while the CBC is running around the country demonizing the tea party and stoking the flames of racial division. What in the world? —

of the Gun Rights Examiner has the exclusive:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has acknowledged an Indiana dealer’s cooperation in conducting straw purchases at the direction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Exclusive documents obtained by Gun Rights Examinershow the dealer cooperated with ATF by selling guns to straw purchasers, and that bureau management later asserted these guns were being traced to crimes.

From the confidential source providing the documents:

The dealer…was sent a “demand letter,” based on the number of traces to him, which was retracted after his attorney pointed out they resulted from his cooperation with ATF. (Strangely, he got two voicemails from two different ATF people, both saying they were the head of the tracing operation).

Some of the straw men turned out to have felony convictions, the agents called the FBI background check system and fixed it so the transactions would be approved, something which may also have happened in Phoenix. (The attorney wasn’t clear as to whether the guns were actually delivered to the gangs).

Well, I’m thinking  if the guns were traced to crimes, they would have to have been delivered to the gangs?

The letter informed the dealer that he was required to provide acquisition and disposition information on firearms obtained from non-licensees, as well as to provide quarterly reports, based on ATF’s assessment that the dealer “had an unusually high number of traces of new crime guns with a relatively short ‘time-to-crime’…”

In the response, dated March 10, 2011, attorney Brent R. Weil of Kightlinger and Gray, LLP, informed Charles J. Houser, Chief, National Tracing Center Division:

Specifically, my client participated with and cooperated in certain law enforcement operations  during 2009/2010 at the behest of ATFE enforcement officers from the Evansville, Indiana office (Agent Kevin Whittaker) and in the course of doing so, followed their instructions regarding the completion of certain transactions and the delivery of firearms to purchasers who did not clear the standard NICS [National Instant Check System] background check and were suspected of being involved in the purchase and transportation of handguns out of state despite passing NICS’s background checks.

Read the rest at The Gun Rights Examiner.

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars adds his thoughts:

Fact is, if the the ATF was worried about “crime gun traces,” they WERE in fact actually delivered to the gangs.

Fact is, the principal market for straw-purchased weapons in Indiana is Chicago.

Andrew Traver: What does he know about “Project Gangwalker” and when did he know it?

Fact is, Andrew Traver, Obama buddy and still declared heir-apparent to the ATF mini-throne would have known about any such gunwalking operation involving his area of operations. He would have had to have been briefed.

Fact is, David just broke an incredibly important story.

Fact is, once again, the new media beats the old media.

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media on the profound ramifications of this breaking story:

The apparent purpose of the operation was to lend the thinnest veneer of truth to the 90-percent lie spread by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton from the very beginning of the Obama administration. It makes sense only as a plot to manufacture evidence for the punitive gun control laws that Obama has championed his entire political career. Indeed, even after Gunwalker was exposed, the number of U.S. guns in Mexico, many of which were put there by the actions of the government itself, was still brazenly used as the excuse for ATF long gun reporting requirements currently being challenged in courts.

Likewise, what Codrea has dubbed as “Gangwalker” appears to be another attempt to provide guns to criminals in order to generate more gun crime and then more calls for gun control.

The biggest difference between the two operations at this early date only seems to be that Gangwalker is a purposeful attempt to create the deaths of American citizens in order to pursue the administration’s fanatical anti-gun agenda.

American deaths, for political gain.

Think about that claim for a minute, and what that would mean.

Operation Fast and Furious (and the suspected operations in Texas and Florida) was reprehensible and more than likely calculated to raise the level of violence in Mexico, sacrificing the lives of law enforcement officers, soldiers, and civilians in order to pursue a policy goal. It wasn’t until an American agent died that whistleblowers finally arose and cried out. It was as if Mexican lives meant less than American lives … and in this sick political calculus, maybe that was exactly the mindset.

But if Gangwalker is what it appears to be, then we are staring down a president, attorney general, secretary of Homeland Security, and key members of the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security gone entirely rogue.

If Gangwalker and Gunwalker are two sides of the same insidious coin, we’re looking at the very definition of high crimes and misdemeanors.”

We’re looking at impeachment for the most serious of charges, and possible criminal prosecutions for a widespread conspiracy to commit murder that walks right up to the line of the legal definition of treason

If Vice President Biden is caught up in this, too, then we’re looking at a President Boehner before Obama’s term is up. (I can dream, can’t I?)

As most of the MSM continues to sit this story out, Sipsey Street Irregulars advocates opening “a second front” to complement House Oversight Committee investigations:

Here’s my first suggestion. Let’s get the House Foreign Affairs Committee working on the foreign policy implications of the Obama administration violating ITAR, facilitating the smuggling of weapons and committing numerous acts of war against a sovereign country and its people. There are several GOP members on this committee who are already on record about this scandal. Let’s make them put their money where their mouths are.

Here’s my second suggestion. Lamar Smith. From Texas, Smith is not only the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee but he sits on the House Homelands Security Committee. Both of these committees have the jurisdiction and the authority to pursue other avenues of this scandal which can complement, not conflict with, the Issa committee. We have been told off the record that the Issa committee has to focus their inquiry and not get involved in what are, to them and their brief, secondary issues.

So let’s get them some help. If the GOP is sincere about getting to the bottom of this, they will use ALL their considerable resources in the House to do so.

So crank up the emails, phones and faxes again, folks.

Demand a second front in the Gunwalker Plot investigations.

You heard the man – melt those phone lines, crank up those emails and faxes. Demand an independent Special Prosecutor.

What are they waiting for????


Michell Malkin: Fast and Furious update: And now…Project Grenadewalker?!; Plus: The Indiana story:

The truth is still seeping out, despite Team Obama’s best efforts to cover up and shut up the Fast and Furious whistle-blowers.

Last week, we noted the latest evidence that the scandal went straight to the top and chronicled the desperate dance of the lemons. In discussing the quiet resignation of U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke in Phoenix, I talked with NRA News’s Cam Edwards about Burke’s transparent attempt at liability avoidance.

Today, the WSJ spotlights the Phoenix USAO’s botched handling of an Arizona man accused of supplying grenades to a Mexican drug cartel. Business Insider provides a closer look (h/t William Amos):

Keep reading at link…

Hat tip: Instapundit

Linked by @rdbrewer4 at AoSHQ’s Top Headlines and Disrupt the Narrative, thanks!


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21 thoughts on “New Front Opens In Gunwalker scandal: ATF and FBI “Gangwalker” Allowed Indiana ‘Crime Gun’ Sales

  1. Jeez, even I get surprised at how thuggishly chicago this admin will act.

    As for “President Boehner”, nope.
    Obama pardons Biden, resigns then Biden pardons Obama.
    Then the world blows up.
    I’m pretty sure Nostradamus, St. John the Divine and the Mayans all talked about the talking jackass leading the greatest nation on the Earth just before it blew up.


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  3. There’s no reasonable explanation for Fast and Furious. They were supposedly trying to catch some big cartel leaders, but the US has no jurisdiction in Mexico – 1, the Mexican government (supposedly) didn’t know anything about it – 2, one of their targets was already an FBI informant – 3, they never caught anyone but a few low level straw buyers – 4.

    We’re talking a complete clusterfark that was only exposed because ATF agents on the ground didn’t go along with the program. That’s what did them in. They actually expected this violent, insane scheme to work, but they weren’t counting on the whistleblowers calling them out.

    Btw, thanks RD for the Headlines link!
    (Whoops, I’ll fix your twitter handle where I thanked you in the post – forgot the 4.)


  4. This all kinda reminds me of the old saying: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

    BTW, thinking of that, I wonder if Eric the Idiot and Mr. Obhammud have any of these guns? Just askin’.


  5. BTW, any takers on whether the Carson City shooter was a legal resident/citizen or not?

    And here’s a bit of a stretch: Any takers about whether the automatic he used was from a “gunwalker”- or “gangwalker”-type program?

    There’s a lot of assumptions in both those questions, but I would venture to guess there’s a lot more credible evidence to ask them than there was to accuse Sarah in specific and TEA partiers in general for the Tuscon shootings earlier this year.


  6. Yep, I’m going with the thought that this is to arm the obama brownshirts army, the one that was supposed to be just as strong and well armed as the US army. Bit of a stretch? Not thinking so anymore myself.


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