Video: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Also Not Interested In Condemning Violent Anti-Teaparty Rhetoric

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been less than stellar in her media appearances since she took on the mantle as head of the DNC, last Spring. I’ve covered some of her more risible moments here at Nice Deb. This interview with Gretchen Carson on Fox and Friends was her most pathetic performance to date, as she steadfastly refused to answer Gretchen Carson’s question, opting to jibber about jobs, instead. Note the nervous laughter, and “Are you kidding me?”

No ma’am, we’re not kidding. What happened to the new tone?

It was clear, yesterday, when the President failed to distance himself from James Hoffa’s unhinged Labor Day rhetoric, that the Democratic party as a policy, was  condoning, (even encouraging) violent anti-tea party speech. His speech wasn’t, after all, any worse than the anti-teaparty rhetoric we’ve been hearing for the past several weeks from Democratic congressmen. The Democrat party has apparently declared war on the tea party, and is using copious amounts of class-war, race-war, violent anti-teaparty rhetoric….but to what ends? To inspire the more violent, and unhinged members of the left-wing mobs to wreak havoc? They know that “Days of Rage” protests are planned September 17 in New York City… that the sort of rhetoric they want the left hearing right before they attempt to “occupy Wall Street”? Liberals love to talk about “dog whistles”…I think what we’ve been hearing for the past few weeks is one big dog whistle.

The White House had no comment on  Hoffa’s demented anti-teaparty rant in which he said:

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march…Everybody here’s got a vote…Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.

Which shouldn’t surprise anyone given that the President himself is on record telling a Hispanic audience to “punish their enemies.” We’ve long known that this is not a President who wishes to preside over all Americans. The divisive speech he used from the very beginning of his presidency assured us of that.

James Hoffa, himself, expressed that he had “no regrets” for anything he said in his speech.

Media Matters is in full spin mode, trotting out the standard, “taken out of context” trope they use every time a lib is caught saying something stupid. (Yes, libs are forever being taken out of context.)

Jay Carney Absolutely Refuses To Criticize Hoffa’s “War” and “Son of a Bitch” Comments


A response from the right:

The Daily Caller: Palin calls out Hoffa’s ‘thuggery’ for his ‘sons of bitches’ remarks

Newsbusters: Scarborough: There Seems to be a Rule – If You Support Obama You Can Say ‘Take People Out’

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7 thoughts on “Video: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Also Not Interested In Condemning Violent Anti-Teaparty Rhetoric

  1. The Dems are gonna ride this “paint the tea party AND evangelicals as RADICALS” narrative all the way to Nov, 2012!! Maybe, just maybe if enough female SWPLs(white, female, college educated) see through this meme, the Repubs can take back the WH. This(female SWPL)demographic is going to be important!


  2. Boy, if THAT flustered her, just wait until the msm asks her about her mom and step-dad:
    “Richard Rubin, the husband of former Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin, has begun serving a 10-month federal prison sentence for income tax evasion.”
    “[Diana] Wasserman-Rubin, 64, has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which allege that she made money by voting in favor of Southwest Ranches town grant applications that her husband wrote. Her husband only avoided being charged in that case too, state prosecutors said, because the statute of limitations, which runs for a longer time for elected officials, had expired for Rubin. The prosecutors said the couple spent the money on vacations, home improvements and artwork.”,0,1222005.story


  3. I’ve seen enough from Wasserman Schultz to realize that she doesn’t have one single working brain cell in that empty head of hers. Complete phony, complete idiot, complete fool, complete fraud and a disgrace to America, she has sold her soul to the devil [Soros].


  4. mrt, you be tryin’ ta paint all brain-dead, ethics-challenged Democraps with a broad paint brush. That only works if ya happen ta be jist a simpleton donkey what hates freedom and is scared silly by freedom lovers like TEA partiers and have to whip up all the fear ya can.

    You can count on the LSM to pick this story up sometime in the next forever, and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.


  5. Jake Tapper actually did a good job pressing WH spokes-dope, Jay Carney about it.
    He wanted to know what the new ground rules are, since the WH doesn’t feel the necessity to apologize for what someone else said at a shared stage, even though Obama demanded it of John McCain in 2008 after someone said something rude at a campaign event introducing him.

    (If memory serves, it was right wing DJ calling him Barack Hussein Obama at a time when Obama wasn’t using the middle name.)

    There really was no reason to apologize since Obama had been using his full name to prop up his “Multiculturalism” in 2007 to attract lib votes, but once the general campaign started, it was no longer cool, so he stopped.

    Then, if you remember, he started referring to himself as Barack Hussein Obama again, shortly after he was elected.


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