Charles Krauthammer On Solyndra: A “Toxic Combination Of Lenin Socialism and Crony Capitalism”

Charles Krauthammer and other guests on Hannity, Friday night,  discussed the bankruptcy of Solyndra along with some other scandals and corrupt practices within the Obama administration. Krauthammer soberly explained the problems with the Obama administrations approach, calling it a classic example of the toxic combination of Lenin Socialism and crony capitalism -“the Socialist idea of experts over the markets made even worse when it involves cronyism, favors and corruption.”

“You destroy an economy when you think a politician in a centralized state knows where the capital should be allocated,” he said.

Later on in the show, Pat Cadell and Bill Cunningham joined him. Cadell’s disgust and contempt for what’s been going on in the Obama administration was palpable, and he slams the media for failing to cover plethora of scandals adequately:

One reason Obama has been able to get away with as much as he has, is because the media has been giving him a pass since the beginning of his term. When they don’t cover cover the corrupt practices of this administration, (and there have been too many to count), the scandal gets flushed down the memory hole. We’ve reached a point, however, where the scandals are too big, and too plentiful to ignore.

Earlier this week, James Carville said Obama should start firing people, including Eric Holder.

Holder would be a great start.


4 thoughts on “Charles Krauthammer On Solyndra: A “Toxic Combination Of Lenin Socialism and Crony Capitalism”

  1. So the fawning media that refused to vet Duh-1 during the last election that Cadell thought was so right is now not doing their job?

    You’re about 3-1/2 years behind the curve there, Pat.


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