Confused Coalition of Hippies, Anarchists, Commies and Alinskyites “Occupy” Wall Street For Days of Rage Protest (With Pictures)

Amazing how these grassroots demonstrators all happen to have pre-printed signs

Watch the confusion livestream, at “Global Revolution” – (Language warning, these are leftists, after all.) I’ve been noticing that the screen goes black every time someone or some group gets too weird. That of course, could be a coincidence since the whole thing is pretty weird. One women stated, they are trying to “transform the culture” through the occupation…a Socialist who is interviewed bemoans the fact that we have “two right-wing parties” in America, today. A woman just said that Wall Street is just “one big, terrible Ponzi scheme.”

Police barricade the Wall Street Bull, and stand guard to protect it from the “peaceful” demonstrators.

Michelle Malkin notes, they’re not even sure what they’re there for.

What do they want? They’re not really sure.

When do they want it? For a couple of months, or until the weather gets too cold, anyway.

A bunch of adrift Alinskyites and disorganized organizers from a group called “Adbusters” are converging in New York City for some reason or other. They’re bringing tents, sleeping bags, yoga instructors, face paint — and at some point, they’ll get around to deciding what their “one demand” is:

On Saturday thousands of us will occupy Wall Street. We will wave our signs, unfurl our banners, beat our drums, chant our slogans … and then we’ll get down to business and hold several people’s assemblies to decide what our “one demand” will be.

Shall we demand that President Obama reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act; outlaw flash trading; impose a 1% tax on all financial transactions?

These are good ideas but not very energizing.

How about we demand the revocation of corporate personhood?

Feels a bit too abstract. Many Americans don’t fully grasp what’s at stake with this one. And besides, even if he wants to, President Obama cannot deliver this immediately. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling, a reform project like this requires a constitutional amendment that would take a few years and a whole movement to achieve.

We could…..

He goes on to spit-ball some more ideas. They’ll come up with a reason why they’re there, any day now. Whatever i turns out to be, it is sure to involve other people paying more in taxes.

Here are some of the sentiments from the Occupy Wall Street participants:

Malkin continues:

The Left’s slumber party protesters say they’ll stayat least a few months until they get their way, whatever it is! Occupy Wall Street!:

On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.

Hey, someone notify Attttaaaaack Waaaaaatch!

Here are the Days of Rage Yoga brigades symbolically demonstrating for the world “healing and not destruction and corporate greed” or something….

photo via The Blaze

The Blaze is also covering the demonstration with their own cameras, here.


Due to excellent police work, the bull remains safe:

pic via @SufficiencyMAF

I hear the Marines are looking for a few good men…

pic via @roxie_hartless

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There’s lots of TCOT snarking  on #takewallstreet.


LaborUnionReport at Big Government: #OccupyWallStreet Just a Stroll In The Park.

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…”

What started out as a beautiful, sunny Saturday in New York turned cloudy by mid-afternoon and, while the weather was still mild by 3:15, it became clear by a quick ride through the streets surrounding Wall Street that, despite a warm up event back in August, protesters would not be fulfilling their goal of occupation this weekend.

The NYPD had a sea of blue uniformed officers, as well as police in plain clothes swarming the financial district. Empty police vans, cops with bunbles of zip ties (to be used as handcuffs) on their belts. Streets were closed off with both barricades and a literal solid wall of NYPD officers were blocking the entrances to Wall Street. There would be no occupation.

In fact, were it not for the help from one of New York’s finest giving direction to the new site of #OccupyWallSt, one might have never found the thousand (plus or minus) people occupying Zuccotti Park.

Urban Infidel: Day of Rage: Occupy Wall Street:

Lots more to come! Video, Pics! You name it!

Including this pic:


Here is the gallery view.Or click here for the slide show.More videos on the way and updates!
UPDATE – Sunday, September 18. The Ragers are still camped out and intend to stay on through the opening of the stock market tomorrow morning.

September 17 was supposed to be the Day of Rage, the starting point of an anti-capitalist revolution that (in theory) was going to sweep the country coast-to-coast. As I noted yesterday, “The plan is to protest in state capitals and major cities across the nation, but the focus of the revolution will be in New York, where a hoped-for 20,000 anti-capitalists will ‘occupy’ Wall Street.”

I dutifully sent my operatives out to cover what were to be three of the largest Day of Rage protests — in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles — so humanity would have a full record of this pivotal moment in history.

Really, I should have learned my lesson by now: The bigger the build-up to a protest, and the more grandiose the promises, the louder the sound of the bellyflop onto the dustbin of irrelevancy.

In other words: “Day of Rage” was a massive FAIL.

This photo essay includes photos from all three protest sites (NY, SF and LA) integrated together, to give you the feel of the fizzled revolution as a whole.

Hit the link to see Zombies many amazing pix.


The anti-capitalist organizers announced that they would march to a nearby Wells Fargo branch, invade and occupy!

But, you see, they didn’t count on me throwing a monkey wrench in the works. I skittered ahead, and got to the Wells Fargo about two minutes before the protesters did. I stepped inside and told the security guard that a group of political activists were about to take over the bank.

Then I slipped out the other door and came around front. By the time the protesters finally arrived for their “sneak attack” …

Cross-posted at Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse.

20 thoughts on “Confused Coalition of Hippies, Anarchists, Commies and Alinskyites “Occupy” Wall Street For Days of Rage Protest (With Pictures)

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  2. “25, college degree, … unemployed…”

    Well now, if’n yer degree is in Postmodern Feminist Queer Studies, I shore ain’t surprised.

    “… get down to business and hold several people’s assemblies to decide what our “one demand” will be.”

    I like their New Plan. First, demonstrate and protest. Then later, figure out what it’s for.

    So Left, so “ready…fire…AIM!”


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  5. If “Lefty” holding the sign explaining he’s unemployed and a college grad came to me for a job, I would first walk him through the facility pointing out how people dress and keep themselves and their persons.

    Then I would tell him I would welcome an interview with him when he was presentable to the clientele of the company.

    Of course, he would get completely jacked out of shape and not understand a word I said, but what else can you expect from a product of a government education?


  6. The guys are all there to get laid. The girls? Probably the same. Nothing has changed since I protested. I dearly hope that vote is nullified by corporate lobbying. The wisdom of that is becoming more apparent every day.


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  8. My oh my….you “people” sure are showing your ignorance in your comments. You don’t have a clue that the very thing they are protesting against, is sucking you dry. The protesters are no different then you, other then they have the balls to do it in public, not behind some blog. When it hits you, it’ll be too late.


  9. Got news for you right wing bigots. Most of you aren’t rich so you are too stupid to understand that the propaganda the rich fascist spew at you through the news media that they own is against your best interests. It’s a shame none of you learned to think for yourselves. Your going to see more of us in the streets and while we may not have a consensus about the form we want our new goverment to take we know we want to do everything possible to shut this one down. Our numbers are growing and you will see more of these demonstrations. Your snarly comments are just facades for the fear you feel because the world as you know it will change and there is nothing you can do about it. Get over it and get outta the way of progress.


  10. This page is what happens when you stroke the ego you’ve gotten off of FOX news. You don’t have a clue what’s really happening in reality land. It’s actually kinda funny watching you jack each other off though. Like watching someone talk to their own echo. By the way, the world is going on without you.


  11. Nice to know you’ve all breathed a sigh of relief that the Golden Calf statue is unharmed, while the American people get poorer and poorer on account of obscene executive bonuses and other corporate greed.


  12. “…aren’t rich so you are too stupid to understand that the propaganda the rich fascist spew…”

    “…none of you learned to think for yourselves. Your going to see…”

    Obviously, Peggy, with such a great command of the English language you were educated in government schools. That also shows up in your inability to take facts, process them and come to a reasonable conclusion.

    Just as a point of interest, I, too, was “educated” in the government school system. As a matter of fact, one of my classmates is now the president of one of the Ivy League schools. The difference, though, is that I overcame the mental disability imposed upon me by that system by independent study and discovered how the world really works, and it has nothing to do with imagining I’m smart enough to know how to run everyone else’ lives.


  13. Amazing how quick the right is to point out professional print jobs on signs at a liberal grassroots event, but when they appear at “grass roots” tea party events they’re not questioned.

    Maybe they’re jealous of the left’s ability to spell words properly.


  14. @Carlos What makes you think you have the ability to come to a reasonable conclusion? Most of what you said means nothing and the “point” you tried to make about your classmate is irrelevant. You have no idea where I obtained most of my education. And as far as imagining your smart enough to run everyone’s life that”s what your side does. We don’t need or want your corrupt system of economic control nor your twisted idea of morality you call family values.

    That said I just posted some shit to get a rise out of one of you right winger repugs and I guess your the one who took the bait huh?


  15. Peggy, you and your commie cohorts don’t represent anything close to a majority, or even a significant minority. Your crude, immature and insane comments confirm what we already knew – that there’s a nasty moonbat infestation in NYC, one that will be annoying for a few days/weeks (or whenever it gets too cold), but won’t be shutting down anything. Hopefully, we’ll get to watch with great satisfaction as increasing numbers of you get carted off to jail for disturbing the peace.


  16. Ike: You don’t have a clue that the very thing they are protesting against, is sucking you dry.

    I have a very good idea of what’s sucking us all dry and it isn’t Wall Street. It’s Big Government Socialism, and crony “capitalism” (really a type of socialism) which you dolts apparently want more of.

    Have you heard of Solyndra, yet? The wonderful “green” company that manufactured solar panels much ballyhooed by the Obama administration? They used the brilliant business model of selling a product for less than what it cost to make it and our brilliant President thought they were a great candidate for over a half a billion in stimulus (read taxpayer) money, (by the way some of the big investors happened to be big Obama campaign donors). And they just went belly up, leaving taxpayers on the hook. And Solyndra is just the tip on the iceberg when it comes to Stimulus $$$ abuse.

    THAT sh*t is what’s bleeding us dry, you moron.

    What has made this country great is individualism – people succeeding by working hard, playing by the rules, and making their own way. Not by relying on the government to take care of them. Why would any intelligent, able-bodied, self-respecting man or woman want to trade their freedom for (imagined) security? What kind of lowly parasite wants to leech off of other peoples’ earnings, I don’t care how rich they are?


  17. @Peggy: Being a former English teacher, I think I have a fairly good handle on what type of education most people I interact with have.

    Frankly, the one grammatical error you make repeatedly (the one that drives me most nuts, anyway) while exuding your brilliance is the use of “your” for the contraction “you’re,” a contracted form of “you are.”

    That alone tells me a lot about the quality of your education and teachers, but it certainly isn’t the only grammatical error in your responses, thank you very much.


  18. Ike: “”You don’t have a clue that the very thing they are protesting against…”

    Neither, apparently, do they. All they know is “We want our free stuff NOW!”

    Peggy: “… Your snarly comments …”
    Like, for instance, “… you right wing bigots.”, “…you are too stupid “,”…none of you learned to think for yourselves.”, ….

    Great way to try to win over our side.

    More: “most of my education. And as far as imagining your smart enough”
    I’d have left that alone, but since you bring up your education, I reluctantly have to point out that it’s “you’re”.

    And, like a typical Zombie Liberal, you have nothing to suggest, no argument other than “… I just posted some shit “. That’s surely going to win a lot of debates. Maybe when you get to be 28 or 30, things will looks a little different. (That wasn’t “snarly”, it was “snarky”.)


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