Gaffe-tastic Pic of The Day

This photo is so egregious, Zombie thought it was a photoshop, at first:

The photo began to circulate on the blogs, last night, showing Obama at the “Open Government Partnership” conference raising his hand to block the face of another world leader, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, the president of Mongolia.

Here’s a link to the MSNBC photoblog.

Now,  we know that if President Bush had done anything like this, he would have been mercilessly ridiculed for months. But it would have been unfair.

It looks like Obama was trying to get someone’s attention, (perhaps during a break in the picture taking?), but a photographer snapped away, and caught him in this awkward pose. You can tell by his face, he wasn’t expecting to be photographed, because if he was, he’d be flashing his well practiced, world-class grin.

One thing it does sort of signify, though, is his total disregard for the person standing next to him. He could have raised his hand a little closer to his head, thus not blocking the President of Mongolia.

So –dumb pic. Definitely a gaffe. But honestly, there are much bigger and better things to be hitting him on.

Exit question: I wonder if Attaaaack Watch will put out an official correction to let the masses know Obama wasn’t really waving to say “hi!” and intentionally blocking Elbegdori.


Gateway Pundit: YES IT’S REAL – Obama Waves During Pictures at the United Nations …Here’s the Video:

Video of Obama – yes – briefly waving his hand to say “hi” to someone, at link.



4 thoughts on “Gaffe-tastic Pic of The Day

  1. I’m really surprised his brilliance didn’t bleed all the others in the picture out, anyway. After all, the rest are simply bit players to The Won, right?


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