Thursday Quick Links: “Obama’s Scandal Chickens Come Home To Roost”

Yesterday, a photo of Obama waving and blocking the face of the president of Mongolia during a group photo shoot with world leaders made the rounds. Last night, Bret Baier provided video and an explanation for Obama’s latest mortifying gaffe:


The Leather Penguin says: Class Warfare Has Become Declasse, Won’t Save His Ass:

The duplicitous mendacity is breath-taking; the sheer chutzpah Obama displayed in this speech is truly astounding. “Either we ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we’re going to have to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare” is nonsensical bullshit, and teh Messiah knows it, but he figures us rubes won’t recognize it.

Populace rhetoric has a storied American history, and O’Bammy figures he can work it, a la Huey Long. He’s banking on it to propel him to a second term.

He could not be more hopelessly wrong.

Those days are long gone, Champ.

For Obama’s class warfare gambit to succeed, he needs some things; things he believes to be true, but are not. Foremost, he needs the MBM to be, as they were in his 2008 campaign, actively protecting his ass, by being blind cheerleaders completely in the tank for the Lightworker.

That ain’t the case anymore.

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What if I told you that support for Obama among blacks is plummeting, too? Would you be like me and say, “yeah right – it’s gone from 98% to 92%, or maybe 95% to 87%? Whoop-de-doo.

How about: According to a new ABC/Washington Post poll, the number of blacks who have “strongly favorable” views of Obama has dropped off a cliff, declining from 83 percent five months ago to 58 percent today. 58%? Now that’s bringing it down to earth. (Link via White House Dossier – better go report him to Attack Watch on his handy-dandy new Attack-Watch button.)


Make. it. stop>>>Labor Union Report: Is the US Department of Labor About To Develop Hit Lists of Individuals To Be Targeted By Unions?

Despite Barack Obama’s campaign promise to ban the use of permanent replacement workers, it would require legislation in Congress to do so. This won’t likely occur any time soon. Therefore, his union cronies at the Department of Labor may have devised a more devious strategy, which is to make the replacement workers themselves targets for union retaliation.

Under the Department of Labor’s proposal, not only will the firms that supply replacement workers like be required to file reports with the Department of Labor, it is highly likely that the Department of Labor will require the replacement workers themselves have to file with the DOL, which will then make the information public, on the internet, for union bosses (and others to view).

The filing form (see below), would require the independent contractor’s name, as well as address, and the requirement is that they file within 30 days of being contracted to do the work.


From the teaching of tactics in college classrooms to the tactics during the recent Verizon strike, as well as the union dispute in Washington and the racially-charged noose incident in North Dakota, union retaliation and violence is not a rare occurrence. In fact, it permeates the House of Labor all the way to the top of the AFL-CIO, including AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka’s own history with union violence.

According to one study, there were  over 9,000 reported incidents of union violence. Many of those incidents, like the woman who found a severed cow’s head on her car or the assassination of Eddie York, occurred during labor disputes.


If, like me,  you’re still trying to get a handle on Obama’s latest scandal,  Michelle Malkin’s LightSquared: Obama’s Dangerous Broadband Boondoggle is a must-read.

As the House prepares to launch official investigations of both Solyndra and LightSquared, investigators need to look closely at exactly how the Obama FCC’s unusual January 2011 waiver for LightSquared promised the politically-connected company a stunning corporate windfall. The waiver gave the company a green light to use its initial satellite bandwidth license for “exclusive terrestrial purposes.” As the Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, Inc. blog explains, this meant that “the spectrum rights would be considered (and valued) as equivalent to terrestrial spectrum, allowing LightSquared to raise additional funds to build out its network. In fact that is exactly what LightSquared then proceeded to do, by raising $586M, secured against its spectrum assets, in February 2011.”

By the company’s own internal estimates and comparisons with other satellite spectrum transactions, the January 2011 waiver boosted the value of LightSquared’s spectrum assets by $10 billion more than two similarly situated mobile satellite service providers that had gone bankrupt.


A few more tidbits:

*Soros Fund Management — surprise, surprise — is a “signficant investor” in Falcone’s enterprise.

Of course!

And in case you missed it, here’s her bravura performance talking about Solyndra, on Hannity, last night:


Monty Pelerin at The American Thinker asks Will Scandal Drive Obama Off the 2012 Ticket?

President Obama will not run in 2012.  That prediction seems reasonable in light of the following:

  1. His presidency is in shambles, shriveling up before our eyes.
  2. His political poll numbers continue to weaken.
  3. Unemployment remains stubbornly high for a period of time not seen since the Great Depression.
  4. The economy is listless, consumer sentiment is in the sewer, foreclosures are ratcheting up, and the next financial crisis appears near.
  5. No economic variable has improved; some continue to worsen.
  6. The nation risks sovereign bankruptcy as a result of Obama’s out-of-control spending.
  7. Obama is out of ideas and obviously well beyond his depth.

Every time Obama speaks, he shows himself as more out of touch with the country, its people, and their needs.  He is an obvious embarrassment to many.  He has alienated independents and even some liberals.  He now appears to have adopted a strategy to appeal to the most radical in his party.

Either he is trying to avoid a shut-out in the coming election by locking up some small number of votes or he is delusional.  Seasoned Democrats are dumbfounded by his performance, seeming to believe the delusional possibility.  Radicals have already rejected him and threaten to run a candidate in the primaries.

Despite everything above, Obama intends to run in 2012.  None of this fazes the Narcissist-In-Chief.  He needs the spotlight like most of us need oxygen.  The “messiah,” or the self-proclaimed “One,” does not see these problems.  If he does, they are mere details, trivialities, nothing that cannot be silver-tongued away.

The reality is that Obama is spent.  His false magic is no longer.  He has become a cartoon figure to many Americans and more foreigners.  Familiarity has produced contempt.  He is a fraud, a man who never was anything other than a carefully scripted and wonderfully executed marketing campaign.

I don’t actually agree that his 2008 campaign was all that “wonderfully executed”. I watched in stunned disbelief as the lies, gaffes, and inanities were systematically ignored by the media. He was “wonderfully propped up” by the MSM for that entire campaign, but now, finally, the slobbering love affair is coming to an end. The rats are finally jumping ship.

Turns out that the inept disaster known as Barack Hussein Obama was the wrong guy to execute their dreams of Socialist Utopia. But there’s always Hillary!

Polls continually show Obama as an “Obamatros” around the Democratic neck, making a potential GOP landslide a sure thing. Now with the stepping in of Hillary, the Obama stain will disappear from the Democratic landscape and a new “bright future” emerges as she, a proven administrator, with all the right contacts in Washington and the media and as a potential winner in the 2012 election will have TWO TERMS to implement the Progressive/Socialist agenda that Obama radically started. Obama, as did Lyndon Johnson in 1968, will bow out, “for the good of the country and the party.”



2 thoughts on “Thursday Quick Links: “Obama’s Scandal Chickens Come Home To Roost”

  1. I work with an old coot who’s so enamored of Obambi that he believes in his heart-of-hearts that all these stories of scandals are just made up by raaaciiiists like the media trying to discredit the greatest president evuh!

    How sad, to have lived a long life full of opportunities to learn but wasting any knowledge by denying what’s as plain as the nose on the Wicked Witch of the West’s face. (I mean the one in the book/movie, not the one in the WH!)


  2. As bad as the Solyndra story is, LightSquared is far worse: the technological damage their plan would do is, IMHO, an impeachable offense. It will endanger the flying public, the military, and many other technologies that depend on a glitch-free, efficient GPS. Over at my little blog, I linked to a scathing FAA report that warns of the consequences of the implementation of LightSquared’s plan.

    If you haven’t called or written your reps in DC, this would be a good time to do so. This plan is dangerous in so many ways, it makes Solyndra look tame by comparison, except for the money wasted.


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