Tell To Repeal ObamaCare

If you’re like me, you’ve been doing a slow burn ever since the Obamacrats, against the will of the people,  forced passage of a health care bill, that is, in effect, the quasi-nationalization of the one-sixth of the economy. (Okay, that’s just one out of many things that this administration has pushed that we find appalling and unconscionable.) But still….

Now’s your chance to send the White House a message about what you think about ObamaCare.

Morgen from Verum Serum just made an awesome discovery:

The White House launched a new site last week allowing the public to petition the Administration on various public policy issues. No doubt they intend to use this to mobilize the OFA-MoveOn-Kos armies around various election issues next year, to demonstrate how “popular” the Administration’s positions are. But at the moment the petition site seems to be largely dominated by various fringe issues, such as allowing the sale of raw milk, banning puppy mills, and of course…legalizing marijuana.

But some enterprising American managed to create and post a petition which I found just a little more worthwhile: to repeal ObamaCare.

Not surprisingly you won’t find this petition listed at the White House site, BUT the direct link to it still works (click the image or HERE), and more importantly, the petition counter is active.

I am vote number 4 – how high can we get this to go before the White House removes it completely? The top vote getting petitions now seem to have no more than 10-12 thousand votes. If this goes viral I don’t see why we can’t blow these numbers out of the water.

Now here’s the catch. You have to register with the White House in order to vote – just a name and a email address. I think it’s worth it. We’re 13 months out from the election at this point. It’s time to stand up to the Administration and let them know what we really think about their policies. And if that doesn’t inspire you to subject yourself to never-ending spam from the President, then use that old Hotmail or Yahoo address you never use, or just create a new one and use it only for this.

Do it. It will be cathartic, if nothing else.

My White House spam will be going to my Moonbattracker email address. Fitting, no?


Video: Herman Cain Explains His 9-9-9 Plan

Herman Cain’s surprising upset in the Florida Straw Poll, yesterday has changed the political landscape. With most of the focus in recent weeks being on the fight between Romney and Perry, many GOP voters are now taking another look at Cain. What’s this 9-9-9 plan he keeps talking about, I’m sure many people are wondering.

In this web ad, Cain answers that question, calling his 9-9-9 economic plan for America is “a major step toward tearing the chains off of the backs of the American people”:

He wants to get rid of the current tax code and replace it with:

– A 9% tax on Corporate Profits

– A 9% Personal Flat Tax Rate

– A 9% National Sales Tax

via Freedom’s Lighthouse


Via Twitter:

@THEHermanCain will appear on the Today Show on NBC at 7 a.m. EDT tomorrow.

Weasel Zippers: Herman Cain rips CAIR, ISNA, and the Muslim Brotherhood — and he will prosecute

Details of the 9-9-9 plan,  here.

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