Video: Chris Christie Slams Cynical, Divisive President’s “Demoralizing Message For America”

A great clip from Chris Christie’s speech at the Reagan Center, tonight:

You can watch the full speech, with transcript, at Hot Air.


Allahpundit reports that Christie basically said he wasn’t running, but “won’t way definitively”:

Another questioner pleaded with him to run and he gave a halting answer about how flattered he is by the attention before insisting that the drive to run has to come internally, not from outside enthusiasm. The thing is, he wouldn’t definitively say whether he feels the drive or not. And the crowd was simply eating out of his hand. If he needs a pretext in a week or two to explain why he’s changed his mind, he could point to this speech and the reaction from the audience as having driven him to it.

Poor Ann Coulter says she feels like “the whole universe is toying with her to get her all ginned up and then the fat man will say he won’t run, again,” on the Sean Hannity Show, this afternoon.

She feels like the Governor of New Jersey is “toying with her”:

I listened to her impassioned defense of Christie’s record this afternoon in the car, as Hannity brought up examples of his alleged RINOism.  This was a spirited and somewhat frustrating back and forth, as Hannity wouldn’t stop interrupting Coulter, (and I really wanted to hear her.)

Here’s an over 14 minute montage of Christie saying he’s not running:




4 thoughts on “Video: Chris Christie Slams Cynical, Divisive President’s “Demoralizing Message For America”

  1. I can see the elite Repub establishment being OK with Christie. His social and fiscal policies wouldn’t rub them too hard the wrong way, which tells me a lot about whether I’d hold my nose while voting for him.

    Just a flashier, more controversial version of G. Romney, N. Rockyfeller, Bobby Dole, Mitt Romney and Johnny Mac.

    Just taking us to slavery a little slower is all any of them is all about…


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  3. But Christie is a fiscal hawk who’s been very methodically going about getting New Jersey’s fiscal house back in order.
    He’s a pro-life Catholic – a family man, who, if you believe Coulter, sometimes pays lip service to lib positions in a way a deep blue state Repub needs to, to get along. As she noted, his comments on global warming came as he was vetoing a liberal energy bill. I don’t like it, and I’m not sure I agree with her analysis, but the fact remains, whatever his personal beliefs about global warming, watch what he does.

    I have been very impressed by Christie.

    When conservatives say, Christie fans are making the same mistake ObamaZombies made by being hypnotized by a smooth talker, I must forcefully disagree. Obama used a combination of lies about who he was, and mushy, feel good, trite hope and change pablum to sway the masses. It was well rehearsed and focus group tested. People had to turn their brains off to buy it, and go along with the, “won’t it be wonderful and historic to elect a nice black man with well creased pants to the White House” b.s.

    Christie’s rhetoric is just the opposite. He snaps people out of their trance – wakes them up with non-pc hard truths like “we can’t afford it!” He’s talking turkey. It comes from the gut which is why people find him so refreshing. And the greatest thing about it, is, it comes very naturally. You can tell he doesn’t practice in front of the mirror at night. He doesn’t need a damn teleprompter. He speaks brilliantly extemporaneously, and you can’t buy an advantage like that in politics. It’s a one and a million, precious, priceless thing. Paul Ryan has the same ability, but in a more wonkish, less bombastic way.

    I could live with Perry, I guess, but he’d be completely worthless in a debate against Obama. Obama, is someone who will look into the camera and glibly lie and demagogue to make his points.

    The Republican candidate will have to be able to think on his feet, and refute the lies as they come. Perry can’t even execute a rehearsed attack on Romney’s flip flopping competently.

    Newt Gingrich would do well, but forget Newt – too much baggage, there.

    Cain’s great, he’s conservative across the board, and a great speaker, but the fact that he’s never held political office is a problem for many. “Herb” may just be, as Sarah Palin noted last night on Greta, “the flavor of the week”.

    I know it’s not all about the debates. It’s about cutting trough the media bias and getting a conservative message out there. A guy like Christie could do it.

    WE CAN NOT LOSE IN 2012.


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