Obama Self-Promotes In Today’s Back To School Speech: “Hey Kiddies, I’m Working For You!”

President Barack Obama. (CNN)

WHD’s Keith Koffler got his hands on the transcript for the speech the President is going to give to DC school kids.

Political adviser David Plouffe must have gotten ahold of a draft before it went to the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office for a final look-see.

Just couldn’t resist a little self promotion. From the remarks as prepared for delivery.

You’ve also got people all across this country – including me – working on your behalf. We’re taking every step we can to ensure that you’re getting an educational system that’s worthy of your potential. We’re working to make sure that you have the most up-to-date schools with the latest tools for learning. We’re making sure that our country’s colleges and universities are affordable and accessible. And we’re working to get the best teachers into your classrooms, so they can prepare you for college and a future career.

“Hey mom, dad – Obama’s doing all he can for education! He wants us to have good teachers. He told us!”

It’s true that Obama is fighting the good fight against  “school trailers” aka “modular classrooms,” and he appointed a super awesome “Safe School Czar” to keep children safe. And today, looking almost timed to show how much Obama is fighting for our kids, the NEA launched an ad campaign supporting his jobs bill!

The 30-second television ad urges lawmakers to vote for the legislation, with several children saying school programs are being cut and teachers are being laid off. The president’s proposal includes $30 billion to pay for teachers and another $30 billion to modernize schools.

NEA is the nation’s largest union, with 3.2 million members made up of teachers and other education staff.

How very special.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

2 thoughts on “Obama Self-Promotes In Today’s Back To School Speech: “Hey Kiddies, I’m Working For You!”

  1. Gosh, if one didn’t know any better one would say there’s a quid pro quo there between the Prez and the teachers’ union, but far be it from me to bring up such an obvious thing, especially when it involves fraud and theft.


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