Pass It Nope: Dick Durbin Admits They Don’t Have The Votes In The Senate To Pass Obama’s jobs bill (Audio)

But, but, but – Obama said to pass it NOW…

Allahpundit says, eh – not so much:

Five Democrats — Begich, Webb, Landrieu, Mikulski, and Casey — were specifically named as opponents. Three days after that, Durbin told CNN not to expect any action on it until October at the earliest, a prediction that’ll end up being proved right. To the extent that his latest comments are “news,” it’s for two reasons. One: Despite having had two weeks to convince his own party’s congressional caucus to rally behind him on this extremely prominent measure, Obama’s still up shinola creek. That’s what happens when your job approval trend lines look like this. Two: We all realize, I hope, that the bill is chiefly a political ploy designed to show The One being proactive on the seminal electoral issue of the day. He expects Republicans to block it, at which point he’ll turn around and blame our endless economic malaise on the GOP. That’s perfectly straightforward — except that he forgot to craft the bill to make sure that it would attract the support of Democrats at least, which is essential if he wants to frame opposition to it as blind wingnut partisanship. I’m as confused as Dave in Texas is about that. If you want to isolate Republican obstructionism as America’s big problem, you should probably first double-check with your own guys to make sure they’re not being obstructionist too, huh?

Here’s Mark Levin talking about it, earlier tonight:



4 thoughts on “Pass It Nope: Dick Durbin Admits They Don’t Have The Votes In The Senate To Pass Obama’s jobs bill (Audio)

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  2. In a National Review column by James Lileks, he writes that “pass it now to see what’s in it” is something he’d rather hear from a doctor regarding a stool sample.


  3. The economy isn’t Obhammud’s any more than it was GW’s or Bubba’s or even Reagan’s way back when, but he puts a face on it to blame.

    The economy is altered, aided or hampered by the Congress, always has been, always will be, but the president always gets the blame for it. He cannot pass legislation, he cannot block legislation, all he can do is either sign it into law once passed by Congress, or veto it.

    The economy that tanked in 2008 can be directly attributed to the Democrap Congress that took over in 2006, and all of their nasty shenanigans. Since 2010, the damage has been slowed tremendously, but the economy is still on life support and will be until after next year’s elections.

    Then, if the voters return another Democrap Congress and the Idiot-in-Chief, we will have a depression the likes of which we haven’t seen since the late 1800s. If the current WH habitue is removed and Congress becomes unstoppable Republican, then and only then will the economy pick up.

    In the meantime, both Obhammud and Captain Gaffetastic should keep their mouths shut because every time they open them their stupidity on whatever the subject of the day is kind of dribbles down their shins and leaves stains on their pants.


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