FCC Net Neutrality Power Grab Set To Take Effect In November, But There’s Still Time To Stop It

Americans for Prosperity is ringing the alarm bells:

They actually did it. Last week, the FCC published its net neutrality order in the Federal Register, stating that effective November 20 the federal government will begin regulating the Internet.

Americans didn’t want this.Congress rejected it decisively — it only had 27 sponsors last year. The courts rejected it — they said the FCC did not have the power to do this. And voters rejected it, defeating all 95 of the candidates who campaigned on the issue. That’s right a perfect zero for 95.

But unless the Senate votes to overturn this order before it takes effect November 20, we will start down the path to a government regulated and government controlled Internet.

Click here now to tell the Senate to STOP this outrageous power grab.

Under a special procedure called the Congressional Review Act, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is committed to forcing a Senate vote. Harry Reid can’t keep this off the floor, and it can’t be filibustered. We’ll need 51 votes to succeed.

This is a key test for the U.S. Senate. Will they stand up to one of Obama’s power grabs, or will they sit on their hands? And if they sit on their hands, why should voters re-elect legislators who refuse to legislate?

Seton Motley of Less Government and StopNetRegulation.org has described net neutrality as the FCC’s one-stop shop for future censorship, but he says there’s still time to stop it. “The quickest way to do away with the rules is to utilize the Congressional Review Act, which “is designed to rein in rogue agencies, commissions, departments, boards, etc”, he tells the Politics and Government blog:

Once an order gets filed with the Federal Register, a 60-day window requires the House, the Senate, and the White House to approve legislation that would stop the order. In the case of net neutrality, that window ends on November 20. Motley explains that the House has already passed it, and because of the finite time window, the Senate cannot filibuster. That means only 51 votes are needed to get it through the Senate.

“All 47 Republicans have said, ‘We’ll vote yes,’ so that means you [have] got to get four Democrats,” the StopNetRegulation.org editor-in-chief figures.

So he is optimistic, as nearly two dozen Senate Democrats are up for re-election next year. “Some of them aren’t running again, [but] most of them are, and a lot of them are from states that are center or center right,” he reports.

Here’s Seton talking about Net Neutrality on The Morning Meeting on Talkradio 930 WTAD, last December:


One thought on “FCC Net Neutrality Power Grab Set To Take Effect In November, But There’s Still Time To Stop It

  1. Like everything else done since the midterm elections, Obhammud has to get his agenda done through executive order and in-house policy changes.

    Whoever voted to keep this law-mocking abortion should be put on a list and targeted specifically by anyone who believes this administration might just maybe be pushing the envelope just a wee bit too far.

    Administrative rules were at one time meant to flesh out congressional intent. They were never meant to be the backbone of law.


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