Video: Charles Krauthammer on Why We Celebrate The Constitution

A meditation on the Constitution for your Sunday from the always brilliant Charles Krauthammer, who spoke at the Hillsdale College Constitution Day Celebration in Washington DC, September 15.

Noteworthy –  Charles believes a better name for “tea party” is “constitutionalism”. And Democrats are no longer arrogantly dismissive of challenges to ObamaCare. — They’re scared.

You’ll want to hear all of Krauthammer’s remarks, starting at 20:30:

I found that while looking for a video of Krauthammer verbally smacking Obama around (one of his favorite past times, these days).

Referring to Obama’s latest insult to U.S. citizens by blaming “soft” America for his problems, he said: Obama compounded condescension, incompetence, and narcissism all into one sentence.

Via Ace, who has more choice words for the SCOAMF.

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Video: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer “Rocks and Rules” at NFRW Convention in KC, MO

Arizona Republican Governor, Jan Brewer ‘s spirited speech at the 36th Biennial NFRW Convention in Kansas City, Missouri  had the audience on their feet repeatedly.

She started off by crediting her single mother with raising her to appreciate hard work, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and courage. She spoke of the mess she inherited from Janet Napolitano, and took great delight in announcing the fact that she was able to balance the budget in less than three years. She is well qualified to go after the President for his ruinous, and illogical policies.

The Governor pulled no punches.


Gingrich’s Hawk Top Selling Book At NFRW

The  Gingrich’s  had books to hawk at the National Federation of Republican Women conference, Saturday in Kansas City.  Gingrich has one of the top selling books in the country, it turns out.

Callista Gingrich, that is. Did you think I meant Newt?

His wife, Callista, released her first children’s book, “Sweet Land of Liberty,” Monday, and it has jumped to No. 3 on the Amazon Best Sellers  list.

The children’s book features Ellis the Elephant, who comes to America and shares with children the story of America’s exceptionalism, a theme Newt Gingrich has articulated throughout his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

Newt said in his speech that there is no connection between Ellis the Elephant and the Republican party. It’s just a kids book that aims to be an introduction to American history for children ages 4 to 8.

As Ms. Gingrich told Sean Hannity when she was a guest on his show recently:

So they can appreciate the beauty of this nation and understand why we’re so special. They can also understand the qualities that have made us a great nation.

You can purchase “Sweet Land of Liberty”, here.

Ellis the Elephant made an appearance at NFRW.

Newt was signing his books, “A Nation Like No Other”, and “Rediscovering God in America”.

A long line of conference goers waited to have their books signed.

I’ll update with the video of Newt’s speech as soon as it’s uploaded.

Jan Brewer and Herman Cain Rock The House at NFRW Convention in KCMO

A dynamic duo.

*1,500 Republican women have gathered in KCMO for the National Federation of Republican Women Biennial Convention. The morning started with a great speech by MO Rep. Vickie Hartzler, followed by Governor Jan Brewer and Herman Cain, both of whom rocked the house. Topping off the morning was Rick Santorum with another great speech but more subdued applause.

Herman Cain was available after his speech to promote his new book, This Is Herman Cain! There was a huge line of (mostly!) women waiting for their chance to meet the candidate:

After his speech, Rick Santorum made his way to the back of the hall to shake hands, and answer questions:

Rick Santorum and ND

After the luncheon, where Newt Gingrich will be speaking,  I’ll be uploading videos of the speeches and posting more pictures.

*Correction: The number was more like 1,300 as not all who registered made it to convention.


Another shot of Mr. Cain and Governor Brewer in The Green Room:

I told Mr. Cain that two weeks ago I had planned to ask the following question if  given the chance: “Given all of the conservative conventions you’ve been to – the great speeches, all of your solid debate performances, and the hard work you’ve put in, is it frustrating that your campaign hasn’t gained any traction?” I acknowledged that that question is no longer operable. He is now a top tier candidate.

He told me, (paraphrasing) – while it was a little frustrating, he always knew the hard work would pay off. His campaign assistant, Nathan Naidu told me that the $$$ is pouring in now, which is great news.

I’m still uploading the speeches onto YouTube and will put them in separate posts. I like to present speeches in their entirety which takes significantly longer than short outtakes.


Gov. Brewer’s speech is up: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer “Rocks and Rules” at NFRW Convention in KC, MO


RS McCain has more on the fund-raising angle:

Herman Cain Rhymes With Hurricane: Fund-Raising Surges in Third Quarter



Saturday Movie Matinee

Obama’s Dinner raffles are dorky, creepy, and totally mock-worthy…

“Dinner With Barack” via Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Ace noted today how Obama likes to say one thing in public, and then goes about doing the exact opposite.

One of the chief tics of Obama’s speaking style is a technique I call lying.

Well, I agree that we can’t afford wasteful spending, and I’ll work with you, with Congress, to root it out. And I agree that there are some rules and regulations that do put an unnecessary burden on businesses at a time when they can least afford it. (Applause.) That’s why I ordered a review of all government regulations. So far, we’ve identified over 500 reforms, which will save billions of dollars over the next few years. (Applause.) We should have no more regulation than the health, safety and security of the American people require. Every rule should meet that common-sense test. (Applause.)

Darrell Issa released a report blasting regulatory fever.

Here’s one man’s story via Oversight and Reform:


PJ Media Trifecta: ‘Firefly’ and Common Sense Under Fire: Wisconsin Criminalizes Free Speech:

Zo Nation:The Palin Fetish: How Liberals Expose Themselves by Trying to Expose Sarah Palin: