Herman Cain Wins NFRW Straw Poll In KC With 48.9% of the Votes – That Makes Three in a Row

Herman Cain poses with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer at NFRW in KC.

Like I’ve been saying – all of Herman Cain’s hard work campaigning is finally paying off.

He has been declared the winner in the straw poll taken this weekend at the National Republican Women’s 36 Biennial Convention. Cain garnered 48.9 percent of the 505 votes cast Saturday, with Rick Perry and Mitt Romney coming in a distant second and third with 14.1 and 13.3 percent respectively. This makes three straw polls in a row that Mr Cain has won decisively in recent days, The Florida Straw Poll, the TeaCon Straw Poll, and now the NFRW Straw Poll.

Straw poll voters in KC consisted of Republican women  from 41 states who attended the convention.

Via The KMBC: How the delegates voted:

  • Herman Cain 48.9 percent
  • Rick Perry 14.1
  • Mitt Romney 13.3
  • Newt Gingrich 12.5
  • Rick Santorum 6.9
  • Michele Bachmann 1.4
  • Ron Paul .6
  • Gary Johnson .4
  • Jon Huntsman .2
  • Undecided 1.8
Cain won the  TeaCon Straw poll even more decisively, The Daily Herald reports: Cain gets 77% of straw poll votes at TeaCon in Schaumburg:
“A little bird told me there’s some patriots here in Illinois,” Cain said to a standing ovation. “Our biggest crisis is a severe leadership deficit in Washington, D.C. Stupid people are running America.”

“I like that he’s a businessman. He doesn’t come off as a politician,” Wauconda independent Glen Rowe said. “I feel we need more good, qualified business people to help run this country and relate to people in the middle.”

“He’s a no-nonsense, nonpolitician, and that’s what we need,” Jeri Towell of St. Charles said.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota came in second with 9.4 percent of the votes, followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with 3.8 percent. Trailing the leaders were Texas Gov. Rick Perry with 3 percent and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 2.6 percent.

More than 700 people attended TeaCon 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel to hear rallying calls from 8th District U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, a McHenry Republican, and Cain. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck headlined a dinner Saturday night.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was told that since the Florida straw poll, the money is puring into the Cain campaign. (I asked).

RS McCain has more details on this good news: Herman Cain Rhymes With Hurricane: Fund-Raising Surges in Third Quarter:

The buzz coming from the Herman Cain campaign is that they will be the only presidential campaign — including Obama and GOP front-runner Mitt Romney — whose third-quarter fund-raising numbers are better than their second-quarter numbers. (A quarter-to-quarter comparison is not possible for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who did not launch his campaign until midway through the third quarter.)

Cain raised slightly more than $2 million in the second quarter, according to official FEC reports, and the Atlanta businessman’s campaign had been heading toward a disappointing third-quarter result until experiencing a powerful surge in late September. Cain’s strong performance in debates Sept. 12 in Tampa and Sept. 22 in Orlando, followed by his shocking upset win in the Sept. 24 Florida GOP straw poll, ignited a massive influx of online contributions.

There’s more – keep reading.


According to PPP on Twitter Cain is the “clear leader” in two different state polls:

@ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling: Cain the clear leader on night 1 of both our Nebraska and NC polls…very different states…he might be leading a national poll this week.

Thanks to Charles B for that.


Gateway Pundit, who was in Schaumburg for TeaCon, found himself battling commie protestors with Sharp Elbows and Rebelpundit. Here’s his coverage:

Commie Protesters Outed at TeaCon 2011 – FLEE the Scene (Video)

Leftie Protester Goes Nuts outside of TEACON 2011

Andrew Breitbart to Trumka and Jimmy Hoffa: “F*ck You!” (Video)



5 thoughts on “Herman Cain Wins NFRW Straw Poll In KC With 48.9% of the Votes – That Makes Three in a Row

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  2. Just think. Only about 32 or 33 more wins like this and the establishment Repub “leadership may come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, they’re backing the wrong horse.

    The wrong horse, of course, is anyone not a real conservative. May I refer you to the semi-Democrap ex-governor of MA. Or the former Democrap present governor of Texas. Or the former (?) governor of Utah who says he’s a Republican, but Lord knows no one could ever tell it.


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