Herman Cain Walks Back Perry Ranch Condemnation – “They painted over it. End of story!”

Via The Hill: Cain’s press office tweeted a picture of him in front of Trump Tower

Via Katrina Trinko of NRO:

Speaking outside Trump Tower today, Herman Cain dismissed the idea that he was trying to paint Rick Perry as a racist by having called Perry “insensitive” yesterday when asked about the “[N-word]head” rock on property Perry had leased.

“All I said was the mere fact that that word was there was ‘insensitive.’” Cain responded. “That’s not playing the race card. I am not attacking Gov. Perry. Some people in the media want to attack him. I’m done with that issue!”

The Perry campaign says that the rock was painted over years ago.

Cain asked reporters to focus on “what’s important to the American people” rather than “beat this distraction to death about a word that appeared on a rock.”

“I really don’t care about that word,” Cain added. “They painted over it. End of story! I accept Gov. Perry’s response on that.”

After meeting with Donald Trump, Cain come out and talked to the media again, saying he had “very much enjoyed” the conversation he had had with Trump. They did not discuss a possible endorsement according to Cain.

Mr. Cain has been taking  heat in the conservative blogosphere for making the comments condemning Perry without qualifying whether or not the WaPo story was entirely true.

Hopefully these remarks will cool things off a bit.



5 thoughts on “Herman Cain Walks Back Perry Ranch Condemnation – “They painted over it. End of story!”

  1. Herman Cain is a great speaker, it is surprising he did not ask Chris Wallace why Chris Wallace would ask such a distracting and bait-loaded question based upon WAPO’s manufactured narrative during a time when Americans want to focus only on their money and their greed.

    Best to blame the Conservatives for the distraction, America needs another great speaker.


  2. It was Christiane Armanpour for ABC This Week.
    I know Herman Cain is media savvy so I’m surprised that he fumbled this one, but like I said in a previous thread, I can cut the guy some slack – he grew up in the deep South at a time when such language was commonly used, -he jumped to the wrong conclusion, then walked it back. He’s not used to being under such close scrutiny. I think he’ll get better at this.


  3. I often agree with you Deb, but not on this one. Cain knew very well what he was doing, he just didn’t expect the backlash. Cain tried to ding Perry on this, and he is getting dinged himself. I’ve been reading the comments, and people are not buying his walk back. I think for me its because he is trying to pretend he never did anything wrong, and it was Cain who gave the story legs. I’m sick and tired of being called racist and since Cain was so quick to play the card, he will see a drop in the polls. Cain, your actions are shameful.


  4. Wait a minute, Timothy, let’s walk this back a bit.

    The fact is that the Perrys either leased or rented the property for a time. When they did they had to know the common name of the property. And the rock was at one of the entrances to the property, so they also had to know the rock was there.

    How long did they use the property before painting the rock? Was there any internal discussion about whether to paint the rock and, if so, how many times over how long a period of time? When it was painted, was it just brushed over but the underlying offense was still visible?

    Come on. That term is offensive to me, and I’m not even African-American! i can’t even imagine how offensive it would be to someone who grew up in the Democrap-controlled Jim Crow south.

    Cut Cain some slack here. He was blind-sided by the witch and gave his gut reaction. The Perrys are the ones who should be examined over this whole mess, not Cain.


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