Introducing Three Outstanding Republican Candidates: Jamie Landes, Martin Baker, and Steve Foley

I would like to introduce and recommend three great Republican candidates who are running for either State or US Congress.

Republican, Jamie Barker Landes has announced her candidacy for State Rep in a previously uncontested special election in the 39th district in Missouri, November 8, 2011!

“I have officially entered the race for Missouri State Representative for District 39, which includes the Kansas City neighborhoods of Westport, the Plaza, Hyde Park and Brookside. The special election will be held November 8, 2011. I would welcome and truly appreciate your support.”

I truly believe the political problems we face can be solved if we stop focusing so much on partisan ideological differences and instead focus on finding solutions that work. I decided to jump into this race because Kansas Citians deserve a real choice of representation, not just the usual machine politicians.

We can solve our problems if we stop focusing on ideological differences and instead focus on practical solutions and areas of agreement. Join our campaign today! Send a volunteer request to 

She’ll be focusing on the following issues: “Jobs,  Fixing Our Schools, and  Keeping Kansas Citians In Their Homes”. Details, here.

Jamie has a lot of work to do to get her name out there only a month before election day. That means knocking on a lot of doors, buying ads, and yard signs.

How you can help:

Contributions may be directed to:

Friends of Jamie Landes
4310 Charlotte Street
Kansas City, MO 64110

Yo can also make a contribution via Paypal

Martin D Baker for US Congress in 2012 – MO District 1:

Why Elect Martin Baker

Understanding the needs of the people should be the most important motivating factor in legislating. Trustworthy leaders do not focus on being in charge nor will they pursue additional power by manipulating their position or political status. Reliable representation is found in devoted leaders who protect the liberties and needs of their constituents at all times through an unwavering commitment to choose the difficult right over the easy wrong. Doing so takes additional preparation, teamwork and diligence that often times requires one to fight influential party leaders and big money influences like lobbies and political action committees.

Needed Principles

  • Accountability of action and majority oriented legislation
  • End the era of “political correctness” which has caused politicians to tell half truths instead of truly addressing the proper way to correct shortfalls.
  • Stop the practice of promising during the campaign to come to the middle and then, after election, legislating from the extreme right or left.
  • Open channels of communication between the political parties to work together on common goals first and deliberate on differences later.
  • Staying familiar with the needs of the people that currently are not being addressed by either our party leaders or even the entertainment based media.
  • End all misuse of Government funds through Pork and Jaded Earmarking. Require legislation to be available for review and require Representatives to read and comprehend legislation before they vote.
  • Reform standards for reconciling legislation prior to Executive Review.
  • Abandon the cycle of lifetime entitlements, which should serve as a hand up and not a hand out which negates the need for self-motivation and determination to reach for a higher standard of living.

You can donate to Baker’s campaign, here.

 Steve Foley has formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress in 2012 as a Republican in California’s newly redrawn 47th District. His policy focus is on three main areas:

Economy and Jobs: Getting our fiscal house in order by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment, Cutting Spending, Replacing our antiquated Tax Code, Removing overburdening Restrictions & Red Tape, and becoming Energy Independent.

Repealing ObamaCare:ObamaCare will devastate our already weak economy to a point of no return and will burden future generations of Americans to pay for a bill that has little to no chance of success. The best solution would to get the federal government as far away from Health Care as possible but while we work to achieve that goal here are some immediate fixes we can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time:

  • Medical liability & tort reform.
  • Small business buying pools.
  • Allow insurance to be sold across state lines.

Border Security: The way to tackle the illegal immigration problem we’re facing is to make federal government do their job! I would advocate for:

  1. Securing our borders
  2. Enforcing the laws that are already on the books
  3. Promoting a path to citizenship for those who come in the front door
  4. Removing the magnets that draw illegal immigrants here in the first place

Steve is a new media activist, best known for his successful conservative blog ,the Minority Report.

It’s rare to have a man who is “one of us” like Steve Foley in a position to run for Congress so we must not miss this opportunity to support him!: STEVE FOLEY for U.S. CONGRESS
Also blogging for Foley, is the irrepressible, RS McCain: RUN, STEVE, RUN!


One thought on “Introducing Three Outstanding Republican Candidates: Jamie Landes, Martin Baker, and Steve Foley

  1. Great post! I encourage everyone to support these “new blood” candidates! I know Steve Foley personally and can say that he is “one of us” and the right man to send to Congress.


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