Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and 9 Other AZ Sheriffs’ Demand Answers From U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

KVOA out of Tucson reports:

The Sheriffs are demanding that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reveal the truth behind this criticized operation, and believe that those responsible should be criminally accountable for allowing 2,000 guns to be purchased on U.S. Soil and turned over to the Mexican drug cartels, according to a release from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

More from the press conference to come as it becomes available.


Gateway Pundit has the video.


MUST SEE: Video: Sheriff Babeu Blasts Obama and Holder In NRA Interview: “We Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up In Our Wildest Nightmares”



Video: Sheriff Babeu Blasts Obama and Holder In NRA Interview: “We Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up In Our Wildest Nightmares”

While we wait for the video of the AZ Sheriffs press conference in Phoenix,  you need to watch this video of Sheriff Babeu expressing righteous outrage at the Obama administration. The video is two days old but Babeu absolutely sizzled as he blasted the Holder Justice Dept. for its “complete betrayal.”  He said they are  clearly engaging in a cover-up and outright conspiracy which has “risen to the level of criminal.”

Responding to the idea that Holder “misunderstood” Issa’s question during his testimony, Babeu said, “To be honest, I’ve heard better excuses from a simple shoplifter – criminals lie all the is so obvious.”

Then he launched:

“2000 semi automatic, fully automatic AK 47s, 50 caliber rifles, my deputies don’t even have this firepower in AZ and we’ve given it to these people we’re fighting, and now the Atty General of Mexico has been attacking the US publicly, demanding accountability, demanding criminal charges against the government. And President Obama who’s gone on this worldwide tour to apologize for America (which I’ve always disagreed with, and been embarrassed by) – the one apology he should be making is to Mexico. 200+ people according to their attorney general have been murdered – have been killed by these very weapons that Holder and his group of accomplices have handed to them. And now, Brian Terry a hero in our border patrol, who served as a police officer, who served in the US Marine Corps, was murdered on American soil, in my state, and you’re about to hear the Sheriffs out here unleash upon Eric Holder. We asked for help to fight against the cartels, to fight illegal immigration, secure the border, and what we got back was a lawsuit, to sue our state, to fight us for  enforcing the law – the very job that we’re sworn to do – put up billboard signs in my county warning American citizens that it’s not safe to travel because of drug cartels, and now they’ve armed the very enemy we’re fighting…This for us is more than personal — our deputies, our citizens are going to be facing in the future the barrels of guns that our own government has given to criminals. We couldn’t make this stuff up in our wildest nightmares.”

He went on, “this clearly was a plot by our government (I’ve never been one to buy into conspiracies – but this is as clear as day to me) It’s as clear as day to me this was an effort by Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano to make an aggressive assault against 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms…”

He further said, “We are calling them out, the gig is up”

You can sign Sheriff Babeu’s petition, here.

That presser should be dynamite.


Friday Free-For-All

Photo via The Transom.

My immediate take on Reid’s “nuclear option”, when I saw it trending on twitter, last night, was — how is this not a profoundly short sighted rule that won’t come back to haunt them when Republicans get the majority? Of course this was a tyrannical move on Reid’s part, but also a desperate, short-sighted one.

Michelle Malkin: Dirty Harry Reid goes nuclear…on Obama’s jobs bill vote; Cornyn: “Tyranny”

Hey, President Obama? How about another press conference tomorrow to condemn those playing politics, putting partisanship over country, changing the rules, and playing games with your jobs bill? No, not Mitch McConnell and the Republicans.

Dirty Harry Reid and the Democrats.

Philip Klein at Beltway Confidential: Reid rewrites Senate rules with shocking move:

Tonight, McConnell made what’s called a “motion to suspend the rules,” to allow a vote on the amendments. Such motions are almost always defeated, because they require a two-thirds majority to pass. But they’re another way for the minority party to force uncomfortable votes. Even though the minority party doesn’t get a direct vote on the amendment, how somebody votes on the motion becomes a sort of proxy for such a vote. In this case, for instance, if Democrats had voted down a motion for a vote on Obama’s jobs bill, it would have put them in an awkward spot.

Though it’s been the standing practice of the Senate to allow such motions by the minority, tonight Reid broke with precedent and ruled McConnell’s motion out of order, and was ultimately backed up by Democrats.

So, the end result is that by a simple majority vote, Reid was able to effectively rewrite Senate rules making it even harder than it already is for the minority party to force votes on any amendments. Should Republicans retake the Senate next year, it’s something that could come back to haunt Democrats in a major way.

Seton Motley, Less Government: Correction: Last Night’s ‘Complete Abuse of Power’ – Senate Democrat Leader Reid’s Authoritarian Power Grab


Malkin also has a timely reminder: From Obamacare to Occupy Wall Street: A brief history of the Left and rent-a-non-English-speaking-protester

And this week, Michelle Fields at the Daily Caller caught an Occupy Wall Street organizer in D.C. admitting that he paid Hispanic men to march.

Gotta the love the smell of Astroturf in the morning…


Who’s behind these protests? Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse: The Nefarious Actors Behind #OccupyWallstreet:

Via The New American:

Labor unions, communists, “community organizers,” socialists, and anti-capitalist agitators have all joined togetherto “Occupy Wall Street” and protest against “greed,” corporations, and bankers. But despite efforts to portray the movement as “leaderless” or “grassroots,” it is becoming obvious that there is much more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.

Billionaire financier George Soros’ fingerprints, for example, have been all over the anti-Wall Street campaign from the very beginning. And this week, the infamous hedge-fund boss publicly announced his sympathy for the protesters and their complaints about bailouts — despite the fact that he lobbied for even greater unconstitutional handouts to bankers in 2009.

“Actually I can understand their sentiment, frankly,” he told reporters while announcing a large donation to the United Nations. “I can sympathize with their grievances.”

But Soros’ support for the protesters goes far beyond his tepid public statements. In fact, the original call to “Occupy Wall Street” came from the magazine AdBusters, an “anti-consumerist” publication financed by, among other sources, the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

Other Soros-backed outfits promoting big government — some with myriad ties to the Obama administration — are also publicly driving the occupation campaign., for instance, has received millions of dollars from the billionaire banker. And now, the group is urging its supporters to join the Occupy Wall Street movement as well.



Weasel Zippers: Jeffrey T. Kuhner: “Obama’s October Revolution”:

(The Washington Times) — President Obama’s shock troops are marching in the streets. Occupy Wall Street — a movement composed of communists, anarchists, socialists and anti-globalization student radicals — is spreading. Protests have swelled in cities including New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver and Philadelphia. The protesters are gaining influence and numbers. A ragtag group of hippie students has turned into a potent political force.

Occupy Wall Street seeks to demonize big banks, large corporations and capitalism. Its goal is to overturn America’s economic structure. The protesters are calling for wealth redistribution, fees on bank profits and massive tax increases on the rich. Many are demanding a socialist revolution — the confiscation of private property and nationalization of the economy. They are the heirs of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin. Their aim is to impose the hammer and sickle upon America.

Rush Limbaugh was on the same page as Kuhner, yesterday on his show. See RCP for video: Rush Limbaugh: Obama Setting Up Country For Riots:

This thing just didn’t bubble up out of nothing. We now find out George Soros money is behind this, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the White House is behind this. I wish I could tell you who, but a very prominent person asked me to never mention his name in this regard, but for months he has been telling me, “You watch, Rush, do not doubt me,” he said to me, “Obama is setting up riots. He is fanning the flames for riots and eventual violence. That’s all he’s got.” And now you look, all of this talk about millionaires and billionaires and people not paying their fair share and this relentless assault on achievement in this country has resulted in what? The appearance of a spontaneous combustion of angry white college students who are fed up with all the injustices that this country is famous for. That’s his base.

Occupy Wall Street is his base. Those are his foot soldiers. The anarchists, the union thugs who are occupying Wall Street, Obama is now going to run for reelection against Wall Street, and all of these schlubs in this protest march don’t understand that Wall Street and Obama are inseparable.

New York legislators are getting death threats now if they don’t tax the millionaires, and my very prescient friend wanted me to say this on the air, wanted me to warn people. “I’m not gonna say that. I’m not gonna predict the president of the United States wants riots,” but he was a very, very, very prominent individual; and we’re on the verge of it here. You get this many people together and you whip ’em into this kind of a frenzy over things they don’t even really know about? They’ve got a bunch of energy, and it’s gonna have to have an outlet somewhere. But all these people down there occupying Wall Street, this is his base — and he admitted it! He expressed his solidarity, ’cause those are his campaign foot soldiers down there. He can’t turn his back on them this close to the elections.

Breitbart TV: Breitbart Comments On How WH Handled Reporters Digging Into Fast And Furious Story:

He says CBS is taking Sharyl Attkisson off the radio circuit to protect the “AttackWatch” White House — it’s the Democrat media complex doing what they do.


The Blaze: Meet America‘s ’53%’ – And They Have a Message for the ‘99%’ Protesters:

Meet The 53%. Who are they?  The term 53% refers to the people who are actually paying taxes for themselves and the rest of the country.

The 53% is a group of responsible young people organizing across the country. However, this group is not camping out in parks around the country and demanding the entire capitalist system be destroyed. These men and women have jobs (most of them work at more than one job in order to make ends meet), but they are talking about attending the Minneapolis Occupy Wall St. protest scheduled for today – Friday, October 7th.

Here’s a statement from their web page;

So, like, when you’re, like, community organizing for solidarity and stuff, it’s totally cool to have this little hashtaggy thingy when you’re on twitter, so other people, like, totally know what you’re talking about and stuff. So if you’re, like, totally gonna spread the word about being one of the 53% of people who actually, like, pay taxes in America and don’t just, like, hang out protesting stuff all day… like, here’s the hashtaggy thingy. See you at the protest!   #iamthe53


This, from MSNBC’s most obnoxious news reader,  will make your blood boil. Newsbusters: Martin Bashir Attacks Sarah Palin During Steve Jobs Eulogy: ‘The Very Worst Form of American Opportunism’


Noel Sheppard asks:

What kind of a person mixes his admiration for a dead man with his contempt for another human being that had absolutely no connection to one another?

Exactly what has Palin done to folks like Bashir to make them completely lose all sense of decency and morality when her name comes up?

He claimed that over the last three years Palin’s created nothing. But her first book “Going Rogue” was number one on the New York Times best seller list for six weeks eventually selling over two million copies. Her second, “America By Heart,” hit number two on that list eventually selling about one million copies.

Is that nothing, Mr. Bashir?

As for television, this pompous commentator could only dream of getting the five million viewers Palin did for the debut of her show on TLC.

And maybe that’s at the heart of all the media’s hatred of this women: it’s not her politics, but how so many more Americans are interested in her views than theirs. Because her opinions are so diametric, these insecure souls somehow feel better about themselves by tearing her apart on national television.


Another week in Philadelphia, another violent episode where people dare not speak its name: Race Riot.

The latest is Port Richmond, where a mob of black people stormed a house, broke in, and beat up the occupants — all because of something that may or may not have happened to a black teenager on a bike.

One of the attackers pulled a gun. Luckily the victim disarmed him.

Later that day, another mob returned, this time armed with racial taunts and threats of violence against the white family if they testify in court.

This is just one of dozens of race riots in the Philadelphia over the last two years.

Keep reading…


New Oversight and Reform Video Asks Who’s Accountable For This “Felony Stupid” Known As Fast and Furious

A brand  new video via Oversight and Reform:

Your government – in the form of the Obama-Holder Justice Department – helped arm Mexican drug cartels through the botched sting known as Operation Fast and Furious. Hundreds have died and the Obama Administration refuses to answer the question: who is accountable here? Where does the buck stop?

Oversight Committee watchdogs, led by Chairman Darrell Issa, will not relent until those responsible for this felony stupid, deadly Obama Administration program is held to public account. Americans have a right to know.

See also:

Foggy Bottom’s role in the “felony stupid” as painstakingly examined by Sipsey Street Irregulars:

Sipsey Street Exclusive: “In at the beginning.” The State Department & the Gunwalker Scandal. Part 1. “To take the fight to the Mexican drug cartels.”

Sipsey Street Exclusive: “In at the beginning.” The State Department & the Gunwalker Scandal. Part 2. The 90% Myth. “I have not backed off” an AWB.


Video: Herman Cain Sticks To His Guns In Hostile Interview With MSNBC’s O’Donnell

If I were one of Herman Cain’s adviser’s, I would caution him against hostile interviews like this one. Every single question was drenched in racial, or class war-fare  politics.  Yet, despite (avowed Socialist),  Scary Larry’s repeated, and frankly pathetic attempts to paint Cain as an “Uncle Tom”, Cain came out smelling like roses.

See Freedom Lighthouse for parts two and three of this interview:

If that were not bad enough, O’Donnell later also tried to make it look like Herman Cain “avoided” service to his country during the Vietnam War. He asked Cain how he managed to do that. Cain explained his draft board asked him to continue his work in ballistics for the Navy rather than join the military because what he was doing was important. Cain was a mathematician at the time. He also explained he made himself available for the draft, but his number was not called, and he continued his work for the Navy in ballistics. O’Donnell then went after Cain for not joining the military – “like John Kerry did” – ignoring that Cain had already explained that he was serving the nation through his work for the Navy in ballistics, and that his Draft Board had actually asked him to do so.

Not only did Cain hold is own in the face of  O’Donnell’s hectoring, he said he would come back and have a chat with him, anytime.


It’s time for establishment Repubs to stop pretending that Mitt is inevitable. He isn’t:

 IBOPE Zogby Poll: Cain Expands Lead Over GOP Field & Leads Obama, 46%-44%

Cain leading Romney by 20 points….

Hat tip: Brian B.