Video: Sheriff Babeu Blasts Obama and Holder In NRA Interview: “We Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up In Our Wildest Nightmares”

While we wait for the video of the AZ Sheriffs press conference in Phoenix,  you need to watch this video of Sheriff Babeu expressing righteous outrage at the Obama administration. The video is two days old but Babeu absolutely sizzled as he blasted the Holder Justice Dept. for its “complete betrayal.”  He said they are  clearly engaging in a cover-up and outright conspiracy which has “risen to the level of criminal.”

Responding to the idea that Holder “misunderstood” Issa’s question during his testimony, Babeu said, “To be honest, I’ve heard better excuses from a simple shoplifter – criminals lie all the is so obvious.”

Then he launched:

“2000 semi automatic, fully automatic AK 47s, 50 caliber rifles, my deputies don’t even have this firepower in AZ and we’ve given it to these people we’re fighting, and now the Atty General of Mexico has been attacking the US publicly, demanding accountability, demanding criminal charges against the government. And President Obama who’s gone on this worldwide tour to apologize for America (which I’ve always disagreed with, and been embarrassed by) – the one apology he should be making is to Mexico. 200+ people according to their attorney general have been murdered – have been killed by these very weapons that Holder and his group of accomplices have handed to them. And now, Brian Terry a hero in our border patrol, who served as a police officer, who served in the US Marine Corps, was murdered on American soil, in my state, and you’re about to hear the Sheriffs out here unleash upon Eric Holder. We asked for help to fight against the cartels, to fight illegal immigration, secure the border, and what we got back was a lawsuit, to sue our state, to fight us for  enforcing the law – the very job that we’re sworn to do – put up billboard signs in my county warning American citizens that it’s not safe to travel because of drug cartels, and now they’ve armed the very enemy we’re fighting…This for us is more than personal — our deputies, our citizens are going to be facing in the future the barrels of guns that our own government has given to criminals. We couldn’t make this stuff up in our wildest nightmares.”

He went on, “this clearly was a plot by our government (I’ve never been one to buy into conspiracies – but this is as clear as day to me) It’s as clear as day to me this was an effort by Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano to make an aggressive assault against 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms…”

He further said, “We are calling them out, the gig is up”

You can sign Sheriff Babeu’s petition, here.

That presser should be dynamite.


4 thoughts on “Video: Sheriff Babeu Blasts Obama and Holder In NRA Interview: “We Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up In Our Wildest Nightmares”

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  2. This man is always wagging his tongue about something with his right racist attitude.All he is upset about is The present adminstration and the fact that the president is african american.I am more than sure that Bush did some things that was not that great(like the Iraq war),however you never did hear anything from this man.He needs to do like I suggest he and the others need to do and that is get the Hell out of the United States and start your own country and then you can run it as you dam well please!!!!!!!!!!!



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