This What Educational Failure Looks Like

The expression is that “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

This one is the ultimate intellectual expression of the American Left. In it, one sees the contempt that they have for other people’s achievements, and those who help perpetuate society by safeguarding those achievements and keeping the peace. Any discussion of the inconvenient truth that no matter WHO leads it, Marx/Commu/Socialism will never work is wasted on people who can find eloquence in excrement.  They are blind to a political and economic system that allows the individual to “pursue happiness” by taking responsibility for their own destiny, rather than being yoked to a collective standard chosen by other people.

I have had exchanges with some of the #OWS (Occupy Wall Street) supporters this week on Twitter.  All condemn the “greed” of Wall Street, while being completely blind to their own envy and sense of entitlement to what these “evil” greedy people have. They rail against corporations for their lack of “accountability to the people”, and refuse to acknowledge that corporations answer to their shareholders and the government, and were designed that way, instead of focusing their attentions on the people who were always intended to be accountable to them: elected officials.

They tell their sob stories of hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt for their MFA degrees and living in parents’ basements, unable to get food stamps for their cats, or jobs that allow them to pay back their student loans. Each adds their plaintive voices to a chorus of whiny stories that call themselves “We Are the 99%” as opposed to the evil, greedy 1% of rich people who they feel entitled to “take” from. I’d call them “We Are The Falsely Entitled”. They talk about “new” economic models where workers have a say in how businesses are run, and how they have to “collapse the system” in order to build a society that is “fair” and doesn’t pick winners and losers, which is utter nonsense.  If society didn’t pick winners and losers, then you should be able to go to the corner store and purchase an ice cold Chrystal Pepsi for yourself.  They are immune to the suggestion that it is reasonable and understandable to be angry about a government that picks winners and losers, when its role is to act as referree.

This insistence on “fairness” is the expression of the naive and those blinded by envy, both of whom are eminently willing to surrender a potential that they have been tricked into thinking that they do not have, or that they are too afraid to command for themselves, to people only too willing to harness for their own ends. In either event, their childish notion of “fairness” pervades their demands and beliefs. A fairness that betrays opportunity for a physical equality, doled out by beneficent “rulers” who decide what is best for all and make it the assigned task for society.

But what I find the most offensive is that this segment of society, clinging to their Noam Chomsky readers, talking about the need for greater Democracy everywhere, and approving of every new law made by activist federal courts over the last 40 years utterly rejects the Democratic apparatus we already have.  It is urgent to “collapse the system” because “The Corporations” make all the choices for them, leaving the voter with only Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee when the time comes to cast the ballots. When you point out the flaws in this thinking, such as the success that the Tea Party had in backing and electing candidates in 2010, they only offer the electronic equivalent of a blank stare, followed by “That can’t be right. I saw all about the Tea Party is bad on MSNBC.”

When you suggest that if they really are the 99%, then it should be any problem for them to field and elect their own candidates, the only response is mumbling about corruption. And when you suggest that they simply don’t have the right to “collapse” a system that everyone else in society relies on, and has built their lives around, then they don’t have much to say at all, other than to condemn you as one of the 1% or as someone being led by the nose by that 1%.

As ridiculous as they appear to be, their ignorance and their appetites are dangerous. This is a mob that largely has no understanding of civics, of their political history, both the one that is their birthright, and the one they stupidly embrace, and yet believe that society can and should provide them with a life free from want, difficulty, or hard labor. They demonstrate no understanding that the democracy they cry out for is, at its core, only what 50%+1 wants, or that without safeguards for the minorities that are part of the system they want to collapse, they will inevitably be part of the 49%. While I don’t want to spare them the impact of learning that lesson firsthand, I do not want to live in the environment that would teach them, because revolutions are messy, and the temptation for the rest of the world to interfere is too great.  That means that we HAVE to engage them, and let them know that they are nowhere near being 99%, and that the only reason this has gone on this long is because the rest of us had to get up and go to work in the morning.

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Pics From ‘We Stand With Gibson’ Rally

I’m not good at making crowd estimations, but it looked like a pretty decent turn-out:

All photos via @TNReport

The purpose of the rally was to raise awareness and fuel outrage about the Gibson Guitar raid, a massive abuse of power that has become all too common in Obama’s gangster government. The TN Report has been covering the issue, and posting pictures of the rally on Twitter:

“I don’t think any other issue has captured the passions of tea partiers like this one has in the last year,” said Ben Cunningham, a blogger and spokesman for Tennessee Tax Revolt.

“There is near universal agreement among the tea party and conservative groups that the raids — the one that occurred in August and the one that occurred two years ago — were an overreach by the federal government. It was an abuse of power and authority,” said Cunningham.

The purpose of the “We Stand With Gibson” event is to say to the federal government, “Back off,” Cunningham said during a press conference Wednesday.

There were musical performances from Eric Lee Bedingfield, Grant Austin Taylor, Madison Rising and Rivoli Review.

More pictures taken by @TNReport at the rally can be viewed here.

Via @timeboat #RivoliRevue on stage.


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Saturday Movie Matinee


This young’s man, whether he knows it or not, is not only an extraordinary raconteur, but an extraordinary individual. He has an amazing story to tell, and tells it in such an effecting way, it will stay with you for a long time. If you’re like me, you’ll want to watch it again, and you’ll want to share it with every person you know.

Via LauraW at Ace of Spades, yes, this “punk” does have a way about him:

Pat Condell is another punk who has a way about him, standing up for the truth as he sees it: The Great Palestinian Lie:

“Is it racist to criticize the Palestinians as the world’s most tiresome  crybabies with a bogus cause and a plight that is entirely self-inflicted?”

Click the links on his YouTube page to confirm the accuracy of his statements.

Senator Charles Grassley’s Weekly address on the subject of Fast and Furious:

What is the world is wrong with Martin Bashir? Does he not understand that it is extremely bad form to to use a eulogy as an excuse to bash a political opponent? Is there nobody around at MSNBC to explain the rules of basic etiquette and well – decency to him?

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters: Martin Bashir Attacks Herman Cain During Eulogy For Civil Rights Leader Fred Shuttlesworth

For the second day in a row, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir used the death of one man to attack a completely unrelated conservative.

Having disgustingly besmirched Sarah Palin in the middle of his eulogy for Apple’s Steve Jobs Thursday, Bashir on Friday went after Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain as he paid his respects to Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth (video follows with transcript and commentary):

John Bershad of Mediaite thinks we’re being a little to hard on Bashir. After all, this is apparently how he grieves. Not everyone handles grief the same way, you know…

We all handle death differently. It is one of the things that makes us most human. So how can we fault Bashir for finding a method that works for him? Sure, the only way he can get over the loss of someone important to him is to randomly connect that person to a politician he didn’t like, but, hey, whatever helps get him through, right?

I can only assume, though, that this practice probably made things rather awkward as Bashir family funerals. I can imagine it now…

“Oh, Martin, darling, those were such lovely things you said about Great Aunt Doris. I must ask though, was all that stuff about Orrin Hatch completely necessary?”

You can watch the video at either the Newsbusters or Mediaite link. I can’t embed those videos, on WordPress.

Roger Simon of PJ Media talks to tea party activist and small businessman, Ali Akbar, of Tea Party

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