Pics From ‘We Stand With Gibson’ Rally

I’m not good at making crowd estimations, but it looked like a pretty decent turn-out:

All photos via @TNReport

The purpose of the rally was to raise awareness and fuel outrage about the Gibson Guitar raid, a massive abuse of power that has become all too common in Obama’s gangster government. The TN Report has been covering the issue, and posting pictures of the rally on Twitter:

“I don’t think any other issue has captured the passions of tea partiers like this one has in the last year,” said Ben Cunningham, a blogger and spokesman for Tennessee Tax Revolt.

“There is near universal agreement among the tea party and conservative groups that the raids — the one that occurred in August and the one that occurred two years ago — were an overreach by the federal government. It was an abuse of power and authority,” said Cunningham.

The purpose of the “We Stand With Gibson” event is to say to the federal government, “Back off,” Cunningham said during a press conference Wednesday.

There were musical performances from Eric Lee Bedingfield, Grant Austin Taylor, Madison Rising and Rivoli Review.

More pictures taken by @TNReport at the rally can be viewed here.

Via @timeboat #RivoliRevue on stage.


Scared Monkeys: WE STAND WITH GIBSON RALLY … Pics … Great Crowd Showed Up in Support of Gibson Guitar, Part I

Linked by Instapundit, thanks!


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19 thoughts on “Pics From ‘We Stand With Gibson’ Rally

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  2. My thought exactly Patrick Smith, although I’m beginning to think it’s more of an infestation than an occupation.

    Glad to see I’m not nearly the only one with special feelings for Gibson.


  3. Wait…. What!?! Obama has been raiding Gibson? Where have I been?

    As the proud owner of a ’75 Les Paul Custom – my baby, bought new back then I might add – and a life long resident very near said Les Paul’s birthplace, I should have heard of this sooner.

    Hold on a moment…. ‘k, back….

    Having now read several (old) stories… this is simply appalling. And according to the WSJ ( it ain’t just Gibson having it’s ass poked by Obama, it’s anyone who has any sort of natural materials instrument.

    The friggn’ enviro-wacko jack-booted Central Authority is out of control. I am so G-D sick of this crap.

    Standing w/Gibson, and any and all other musicians.


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  8. Looks like the Instapundit himself holding the yellow “First they came for my Gibson” sign, with his wife at his side.


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  11. The real crime is the price of new gibsons…..and how about developing a line of AMERICAN made guitars that don’t cost $5000….and stop trying to make robot guitars and “x” guitars….and gibson is acting like they have been shut down….don’t think so


  12. Brian Says:
    October, 10, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    don’t think so

    Fixed that for you, Brian. Now go occupy wall street so you can get your “free” stuff from Obama’s much suffering totalitarian mob. Don’t worry, it’s “authentic” – one guy even demonstrated how the mob’s members accomplish “elimination”! And you do know that the Socialist Seiu conjoined Working Families of America will pay you to spread your brilliance to the “99%”, follow-the-bouncing-ball learners there, right? They need you! Very badly, because so far they’ve been flommoxed by problems such as when to say “Yes” and “No” on prompt, and the like. So now you can be another one of those edjumacational jobs created by Spendulus One! If you’re not one already. But why not two? [But, hey, aren’t some of Gibson’s guitars electric?]


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