Paul Ryan and Art Laffer Endorse Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan (Updated- Ryan’s Office Says Comments not an Endorsement)

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan said  he “loves” Cain’s 9-9-9- plan because it’s “a good starting point for debate, and shows the GOP presidential campaign season has entered into a more advanced stage where ideas — not just personalities — have come to the forefront.”

“We need more bold ideas like this because it is specific and credible,” Ryan said. “I’m more of a flat-tax kind of a guy.”

The budget chairman went on to say that ideas like Cain’s plan could help shape the debate over tax reform moving into 2013.

“It’s great to see such bold ideas,” Ryan told TheDC.

When asked for comment, Cain’s campaign staff  expressed appreciation for the unexpected endorsement.

UPDATE: The Correspondence Committee contacted Paul Ryan’s Washington Office for clarification on Ryan’s support for Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.

@corrcomm: I called his office, and asked the staffer if Ryan was endorsing the 999 plan. He answered “No.”

It appears that what he endorses is the fact that Cain has offered a bold plan that gets people talking. Not quite the same thing, but still a positive development.

This comes on the heels of Art Laffer’s endorsement, yesterday: Godfather of Supply-Side Economics Supports Cain’s ‘9-9-9’ Plan:

The Godfather of supply-side economics, Arthur Laffer, has given Herman Cain​’s signature “9-9-9” economic plan a critical boost, even as it has come under heavy fire from his GOP presidential competitors

The famed economist told HUMAN EVENTS that the proposal was pro-growth and would create the proper conditions for America’s economy to expand and thrive again.

“Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan would be a vast improvement over the current tax system and a boon to the U.S. economy,” Laffer told HUMAN EVENTS in a statement. “The goal of supply-side tax reform is always a broadening of the tax base and lowering of marginal tax rates.”

Added Laffer: “Mr. Cain’s plan is simple, transparent, neutral with respect to capital and labor, and savings and consumption, and also greatly decreases the hidden costs of tax compliance. There is no doubt that economic growth would surge upon implementation of 9-9-9.”

Laffer also said that “such a system provides the least avenues to avoid paying taxes, yet also maintains the strongest incentives for work effort, production, and investment.”

Two economic heavy hitters in two days endorsing -saying nice things about- his 9-9-9 plan gives Cain’s campaign a nice bump at a time when the wind was already at his sails.

Meanwhile, in a radio interview, yesterday, with Steve Gill,  Cain mentioned Paul Ryan, as well as Jim DeMint as possible VP picks. He also made a point of saying there would be a place at some point for Newt Gingrich to assist him because he brings “so much knowledge and insight to this whole process and to the problems we face in this country.”

Just a thought – whomever the VP nominee is, his role will be the attaaaack dog in the campaign. I’m not sure the mild mannered, congenial, and cerebral Ryan has it in him to fill that role. DeMint, maybe.

What I want to see is someone who will not be afraid to ruthlessly go after Obama on his many, many weak spots.

Another big endorsement for Cain via: The Hill: Barbour says he would vote for Cain if primary was held today

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said Thursday that if the election were today, he and his wife would vote for Herman Cain.

“He is likable. He does not give you the impression that he is full of himself, but rather than he is a straight-talkin’ person who, will tell you, he call it like he sees them. He’s not trying to sugar coat anything and at the same time he is not trying to be shrill and a chest beater. He’s a straight talker and I think that makes him very, very attractive to people,” Barbour said on the Laura Ingraham Show.


Ace on the Barbour endorsement/support/seal of approval/seal of endorsement:

Barbour doesn’t endorse him himself, but comes close to doing so, and in any event stamps him with his Seal of Approval (even if not his Seal of Endorsement).

It had been thought that Barbour would endorse Perry, so this something Team Perry doesn’t want to hear.

The 9-9-9 plan picks up some support from policy experts.

When a guy says he would vote for the candidate, isn’t that an endorsement?!

Maybe I need to wait until the person specifically says the words, “I endorse” rather than assuming they endorse even after they’ve said they “love” something or will vote for someone. Because you know what happens to people who ass-ume.

Hat tip: Charles B.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!

6 thoughts on “Paul Ryan and Art Laffer Endorse Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan (Updated- Ryan’s Office Says Comments not an Endorsement)

  1. There are still many questions about the plan that needs to be explained.

    First, I’m surprised that nobody has called Cain to the carpet for his comment that employees no longer pay a 15.3% payroll tax when in reality emploers pay half of that.

    Also, it isn’t clear if the plan includes the cost of the Chilean model, which privatizes Social Security. Is that paid for out of moneys that government collects with 9-9-9 or will that be an additional, separate retirement plan?

    Maybe the most important questions that will need to be answered involve how the plan will be implemented. Anything that big that will affect milllions of people who’s entire careers have been built around dealing with the tax code will be displaced. Investment within society will also fundamentally shift if those investments are no longer linked to tax benefits. Even if it was the greatest plan in the world, my guess is there will rightfully be a tremendous backlash against the change even from people who might otherwise support the program unless there is also a solid transition program that slowly weans us from our current system over a period of a number of years to give people a chance to readjust in a methodical way.

    Like Bachmann pointed out in the Bloomberg debates, the devil is in the details. If they prove to be rational and feasible, Cain will probably continue as a first tier candidate with some real chance of seeing this passed if he wins the election. It might be nice to keep things simple, but if he can’t be more transparent with some additional details and do a good job of reasonably explaining the program beyond the bumper sticker sales pitch he will probably fall as quickly as he has risen. Now that he has risen to the top those questions should be forthcoming. We should have some answers soon.


  2. Personally, the two most troubling aspects are that there will be a simultaneous income tax and a sales tax, and that, when all the smoke is cleared, businesses do not pay taxes, their customers pay all taxes the businesses are required to submit, so in fact Joe Public is all of a sudden subject to three significant taxes, not one or two.

    And I’ve yet to see a politician who couldn’t find some absolutely wonderful and necessary use for any potential theft of earned wages they might be in control of.

    In an ideal society what government was necessary would be funded by donations of the governed. I would personally like to keep it as close to that model as reasonable.


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  4. Methinks there are some serious minded bloggers here, so may I ask for your comments on Beebe’s 50-0-0 plan?
    1. All persons residing in the U.S. shall come together in “tax units”. Members need not be related, need not reside together, and a tax unit may consist of as few as one person.
    2. Each year congress shall set a “minimum wage” and a “tax rate”.
    3. The following shall not be subject to taxation:
    • An amount equal to a year’s earnings (2000 hours) at the minimum wage, for each adult (age 20-65), decreasing 10% per year to 50% at age 15, and increasing 10% per year to 150% at age 70.
    • All payments for necessary health care including medical care, pharmaceuticals prescribed by a health care professional, vision and hearing aids, and fees for health-enhancing entities such as gyms. Health care insurance premiums may be deducted but not health care expense paid for by such insurance.
    • All educational expenses including day care for children or legally incompetent persons, the portion of state and local taxes used for education, and tuition, fees and educational materials for private school education, including that portion of parochial school tuition and other expenses going for non-sectarian education.
    • All income saved into an account for investments; withdrawals from this account for the benefit of any member of the tax unit shall be reported as income.
    4. The “tax rate” shall be applied to any income greater than the deductions listed above, regardless of amount.
    5. Any municipality having greater than 100,000 inhabitants or any state may impose on their citizens a surtax which shall be applied the same as the Federal tax.
    6. Tax units whose deductions exceed income, shall be paid a sum equal to the tax rate multiplied by the shortfall in income.
    7. There shall be no federal tax on corporations or other business entities.
    8. The Office of Management and Budget shall compute revenues to be expected using the newly set tax rate and minimum wage, applied to the previous year’s reported incomes. No expenses in excess of that amount may be made without approval by 75% of each house of Congress. This tax shall be the only source of revenue for the federal government.
    comments to


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