AZ Sheriff Babeu On F and F: “Before This is Over, We’ll Know Exactly What Barack Obama Knew – And When He Knew it”

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Pinal County sheriff, Paul Babeu sat down with the AZ Republic, Tuesday, to talk about the disastrous federal sting operation known as “Fast and Furious”. He stated, among other things that Eric Holder needs to to resign, and reiterated his belief that this scandal is worse than Watergate.

You’ve called for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to resign or be fired. Is there enough evidence today to warrant that?

Eric Holder knew or should have known that Operation Fast and Furious was taking place. He received numerous memos on the subject in July of 2010, though he now claims not to remember. In May, Holder told Congress under oath that he had just learned of it. I believe, in addition to bearing responsibility for this operation, which alone should warrant his resignation, he is now actively engaged in concealing what happened.

You said, “This is a much larger scandal than Watergate.” Watergate brought down a presidency. Do you expect this to do the same?

If you knew that a foreign power had caused over 2,000 guns to arrive in the hands of America’s most dangerous criminals, what would you say? What if those weapons had been used to commit more than 200 murders? Now consider that the federal government did just that – and to an ally. Nobody died because of Watergate, and no treaties were violated. People on both sides of the border will be dealing with the deadly fallout for years to come. But before this is over, we’ll know exactly what Barack Obama knew – and when he knew it.

Read the full report at the AZ Republic.
In his interview with Jake Tapper for ABC’s Nightline, the President said that the “people who have screwed up will be held accountable.”
That’s what we’re counting on.
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Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and 9 Other AZ Sheriffs’ Demand Answers From U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

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4 thoughts on “AZ Sheriff Babeu On F and F: “Before This is Over, We’ll Know Exactly What Barack Obama Knew – And When He Knew it”

  1. Let’s clear up a misconception here. F & F was not a sting operation gone bad, it was a deliberately calculated move on the part of this administration to cause mayhem in an ally’s country just so they (this administration) could cry that weapons from the United States were causing mayhem in that country and, oh my, we have to do something about that, like eliminate the Second Amendment to the Constitution (that they enjoy ignoring anyway, when it suits their nefarious purposes).

    You GO!!, Mr. Babeu. The sooner we have these thugs and criminals out of positions of authority and power, the better.


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